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Default Allods gets new patch Version 5

this was no small patch and the game has even more to offer now.


Here are the latest and greatest changes for you to keep an eye out for.



• Added the ability to switch your PvP Flag on or off
• Added tooltips that display the current state of your PvP Flag and its duration
• Added introductory quests that explain the usage of PvP Flags
• Performing any action on a player that has their PvP Flag on now turns your PvP Flag on
• Changed the death mechanics. Increased the time spent in Purgatory for characters above level 15. The time spent in Purgatory does not increase when a character dies multiple times. After leaving Purgatory a character will receive the “Fear of Death” effect. This effect lowers a character’s offensive stat. Each time a character dies, they will receive another Fear of Death effect that can stack up to 4 times. The effect duration changes based on the character’s level. In order to remove this effect, a player needs to talk to a Servant of the Light and get their blessing. The effect can also be removed using perfume
• Players whose Halos are active when they die will not receive the Fear of Death effect
• Players whose Halos are active when they die will not lose the effects of Item Shop potions
• Players with the third level of patronage whose Halos are active will receive a 15% discount on myrrh
• Players with the fourth level of patronage whose Halos are active will receive a 30% discount on myrrh
• Players with the fourth level of patronage whose Halos are active will spend less time in Purgatory
• Fixed the quests for the second and third level of patronage and reduced their requirements
• Reduced the casting time on Perfume
• Added the ability to automatically use Perfume when your Halo runs out if you have Perfume in your inventory
• Quests for treasure chests can now normally be completed once a day
• For each level of patronage, the quests for treasure chests can now be completed an additional time per day
• Now when a player receives a very rare item from a Curious Chest, a special message will be sent in world chat informing all players of the event
• Deactivated world chat in the starting zones
• Messages sent in /say will now be visible to players within 100 yards
• Added buttons to change the font size
• Added the ability to link items in chat
• Fixed and reworked chat functionality
• Now all trinkets that increase a character’s stats have a shared cooldown
• Reworked the abilities of wolfs, muskir, ogres, turtles, cyclops, and yaks
• Reduced the duration of the rats’ Laceration ability
• Reduced the duration of the bees’ Deafening Buzz ability
• The combat log now shows properly reports the names of spells
• Fixed the /emote command
• Fixed a bug where player’s pets spoke lizardmen phrases when fighting lizardmen
• Fixed the visualization of shirts
• Fixed the Magical Power on certain wands
• Fixed the guild interface
• Fixed multiple map issues
• Fixed the messages about fatigue for characters below level 5
• Increased the amount of health that bandages restore
• Characters now turn their heads to look at the target that is selected
• Added the ability to hide the quest tracker
• Added an indicator for client performance as well as a ping indicator
• Added new item icons
• Now when a player leaves a group while in an instance, they will automatically be teleported out of the instance after 1 minute
• Fixed various geometry bugs
• Fixed the graphics of various hanging objects
• Added new Portal Keepers and fixed old ones
• Fixed a bug where the Portal Keeper interface was not closing correctly
• Astral Essences now restore mana over 20 seconds instead of 10
• Fixed a bug where stat points could not be spent
• Dead monsters can no longer talk
• Monsters in instances now have larger aggro ranges
• Fixed the visualization of Adventurer’s Stones
• Changed the models of Yasker and Aidenus
• Added fortunetellers to the capitals
• Fixed the entrances to Lab Thirteen and the Heart of Tensess Temple
• Fixed a bug where the beginning instance could be completed while retaining the invulnerability buff
• Fixed the hotkeys for selecting group members
• Fixed various bugs with forming and disbanding raids
• Fixed a bug where group leadership wasn’t transferred to another group member when the leader left
• Fixed various bugs with the inviting and kicking players from groups
• Added the ability to move players into different groups within a raid
• Fixed a bug where the mana and health bars of raid members were not reporting properly after relogging
• Fixed a bug with sharing quest loot in a group and a raid
• Fixed a bug with the loot threshold in group loot
• Loot rolling is no longer restricted by distance
• Fixed a bug where players were able to loot items without rolling on them when group loot was enabled
• Fixed the quest “Trouble at the Bank” and “Banking Crisis”
• Added various quests to kill elite monsters
• Heroic instance quests can now be abandoned
• Fixed a bug with the repeatable crafting quests
• Fixed bugs with daily quests



• Characters now move their head in the direction of their aim
• A Paladins’ canons and a Warden’s potions can no longer be stored in the bank


• Icy Grave now correctly cancels the effect of Fire Arrow
• Sanctuary now correctly teleports the caster’s group to the beginning of the instance


• The combat log now correctly displays the damage done by barriers


• Temporal Acceleration now only reduces the cooldowns of magical spells
• Erase Memory now causes additional threat
• The correct number of Psychic Shock effects are now removed from the target when damage is dealt to them
• Reduced the duration of Choke by 1 second
• The combat log now correctly displays the damage dealt by Destroy Consciousness
• Fixed bugs with context actions that occurred after breaking Mental Link
• Fixed a bug where the Rapid Metabolism effect was not displaying correctly


• Improved the crossbow animation of Rapid Fire
• Improved general bow and crossbow animations
• Crossbows now shoot bolts instead of arrows


• Putrefy now makes monsters aggressive when they receive the effect instead of when they first receive damage from the effect
• Fixed the Rise from the Dead spell
• The number of Drops of Blood in your Blood Pool are now saved after exiting the game


• Wardens that are resurrected by players no longer lose their pet
• Fixed a bug where pets would get stuck in the Ether after teleporting
• Fixed a bug where pets would not attack while in friendly territory
• Pets’ health bars are now saved after exiting the game
• Now pets will receive invisibility when they are in the Ether
• Fixed the Scare 'em! spell
• Fixed the Hold 'em! spell


• Added visual effects to Malicious Blow
• Added visual effects to Hasty Blow
• Added a new icon for the Die Hard ability
• Changed the icons on Renewed Vitality and Adrenaline Rush



• Fixed the map marker for the quest “Beauty Contest”

Oreshek Fortress

• Nearby monsters no longer kill the Fugitive Troll
• Timur Dustrov has gained a new skill


• Reduced the respawn rate on the monster needed for the quest “Goblin Invaders”
• Reduced the respawn rate on the monster needed for the quest “Poachers in the Way of Progress”
• Flint, the Tiger Tribe Shaman, can no longer be attacked
• Fixed the mechanics for the quest “The Rebels' Plans”
• The Tiger Rage effect now disappears when exiting the zone
• Changed the mechanics for the quest “Drifting Down the Stream”


• Fixed the quest “The Hunt for the Great Gray Wolf”
• Fixed a bug where a lot of termites would spawn after the Termite Queen was killed
• Reduced the respawn rate on the chest for the quest “The Xadaganian Rug”
• Fixed the quest “The Spirit of the Aviaks”
• Reduced the respawn rate on the termite mounds needed for the quest “Wilds on Fire”
• Extended the spawn time of Gordei the Wise
• Fixed the map marker for the quest “From the Frying Pan into the Fire”
• The effect caused by the quest “The Ritual in the Witches' Circle” no longer affects players who do not have the quest

Castle Blight

• The chalk now works properly
• Increased the damage from the spell Circle of Shadows, but decreased its duration


• Fixed the quest timer on the quest “On the Other Side of Darkness “. Additionally, it is no longer a group quest


• Fixed a bug with the game client crashing after completing the quest “A New Craft”
• Changed the mechanics for the quest “The Shamans’ Test of Strength”
• Changed the mechanics for the quest “Nezeb’s Fifth Feat”
• Added new decorative objects
• Police Officers no longer attack monsters as easily
• Improved the Sewers
• Improved various NPCs

Igsh Military District

• Reduced the respawn rate on the monster needed for the quest “Defective Destroyer”
• Added more monsters that drop the items needed for the quest “Helping the Hospital”
• Added more monsters that drop the items needed for the quest “The Importance of a Belt”
• Reduced the respawn rate on the monster needed for the quest “Slimecrawler”. Additionally, when the quest is completed in a group, all group members get credit
• Improved the landscape geometry
• Improved the visualization of Termitka Prison
• Added Servants of the Light to the area near The Gamekeeper’s Camp
• Fixed the map marker for the quest “Checking the Totems”
• Fixed the quest “Defective Zombies”

Severny Steppe

• Improved the strength of Shaky Bones
• Changed the mechanics for the quest “The Cowardly Skeleton”
• Fixed the quest “Kill the Corpses”
• Fixed the quest “Forces of Nature”
• Fixed the quest “Experimental Opponents”
• Added Servants of the Light to the area near Mondovi Fortress

ZIT Headquarters

• The quest “Elemental Energy” has been fixed
• The amount of sparks needed for the quest “Spark Busting Marathon” has been increased
• The quest “Sparkton Pack 2.0” has been fixed
• Improved the visualization on the Astral shores

Lab Thirteen

• Egor Smazhin can no longer be killed twice


• Added training quests about the War Banners
• The quests “The Mercenary’s Escape” and “Escape from Captivity” have been fixed
• The Sites of Power now turn a different color depending on which faction controls them
• The quests “Helmets for the Recruits” and “The Fashionable Army” have been fixed
• The central Stygian Passage has been moved
• The quest “The Goblins' Dark Artifacts” has been fixed


• The quest “Yasker's Emissary” has been fixed
• The quest “The Last Day of Itsmal” has been fixed
• The quest item for the quest “Operation Holy Cloak” can now be obtained by killing all of the goblin pirates
• The quest “A Trial of Faith” has been fixed

Kingdom of Nature

• Fixed the visualization of various creatures
• Fixed quests for gathering reagents



• The artisan guild leaders now sell special potions that allow you to remove your current profession
• Added additional training quests for gathering professions
• Corrected the prices on various reagents

Herbalism and Mining

• Improved the context action for gathering resources


• Added levels to the items that are obtained from the training kits
• Now all training kits can stack up to 10 times


• Fixed the properties of various solvents
• Reduced the effect of the Strange Mixture
• Added a cooldown time to the Poisonous Grenades
• Corrected the vendor prices of various potions
• Increased the amount of armor gained from Armor Potions
• Fixed the recipe for Divine Resistance Potions
• Increased the cooldown time of Illusionist’s Potions, Invisibility Potions, Glue Bombs, and Poisonous Grenades to 10 minutes
• Fixed the effect of Astral Potions
• Astral Potions can now be boiled more than once
• Fixed the prices of high level alchemy potions

Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing

• Changed recipes for various high level items
• Added new crafting components
• Weak Copper Base can now be correctly sold and auctioned
• Changed the amount of coal charcoal needed to make high level bracers

Item Shop

• Added new potions that increase a character’s stats
• Potion effects no longer disappear after exiting the game
• Added a larger deposit box
• Added an Astral Courier which allows you to access your bank from any location
• Megaphones can now be traded to other characters
• Myrrh, megaphones, and crafting improvement items now appear in the character’s inventory and move to the currency tab after use
• Fixed the Distress Signal
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