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Imfir 11th February 2010 02:24 PM

And now the rest of my story Allods CBT#4 (long) w/pics
The plug was pulled at 1730 PST, may Close Beta Test #4 Rest in Peace
it was a joyous testing, it had it's ups and downs, then it got a face lift making it look pretty, then a extension to prolong it's life.
In the end there was a grand gathering, everyone showing their achievement the rewards they have received and discovered. it was Grand party, spells casting to display wondrous flashes of light, and confetti and fire works. Dancing and some running around with no armor on just in their underwear. There were tears from some
joyous moments for others,
for this was not just the end,
but the Beginning of
Yes that’s right, Open Beta will be coming to you the 16th of February
hope to see you all there

Okay, on with my times in CBT#4
When CBT#4 started, I decided to stick with just the healer. I had my friends and we’re leveling up, there was already a post about this, [ ] so I’ll just start off from where I left off at on that one, kinda

After that maintenance very long maintenance, it was discovered it was a new patch, this new patch at first was very nice, tho a lot of things that could have been done, you can no longer do. Like now you can no longer store quest items in the bank freeing what limited space you already have. that was not a welcoming addition or fix, I still kept doing my quest, when I reached to Frozen Frontier, a very cold place, I was starting to dislike it, you have to do a lot of ALLOD jumping, maps were small, but there was no over crowding, surprisingly, No matter I was really not enjoying my time in Frozen Frontier, so I ventured to another map, which is where you would go after Frozen Frontier, Dark Water. now here the Village , were all the NPC’s are at and the teleporter is. is not so easy to get to, like the other places were, there is a outpost when you first enter Dark water, from there you have to dash past tome very nasty ravens, these guys are mean, and more a pain. Once past them then there is some Bandits, a little more tolerable but still pretty tough to deal with. Cross the bridge and into the village. Took me a few to find where the teleporter was at so I can set my self there, I did not want to go through that Gauntlet again.
Then I found the repeatable quest I could do there, and I like the rep gear a lot better then what the Gibbling rep gear had to offer.
I was still partying with Bel, but Bel stuck it out in FF (Frozen Frontier), I was starting my quest in DW (Dark Water). One day I was logged in my Alt a Warrior, sometimes I have to take a break so I do log in an Alt to keep myself from getting to upset, I like the warrior more for a tank then the paladin. while there I got in a party to kill one of the Elites, we still had room, so I asked if Bel would like to help out, since he could most likely just solo the Elite boss any ways, and the party welcomed the idea as well, so the invite was sent and Bel arrived, by mistake one of the players got too close before Bel arrived, and well, we all died.
Okay one boss down hey lets go kill the other elite while we still have Bel, awesome idea, so now the 2 elite boss are done.
At this point I ask Belark, maybe since we have a full party, we can start that guild, so we have a place for our alts and still can easily chat, without having to be in a party, Bel agreed, so I asked the party if they were willing to help me and Bel start a Guild, they all agreed, and ended up with more then a party joining.
Took some moments but we got the guild started. So now, hey lets do the fortress while bel is here, yes another grand idea, but, that dungeon is a Party only, and we were in raid basically 2 parties, me and Bel left, so they could do a party, I was logged in my healer by this time.
Next day only 3 of the other 4 were still playing in the guild, then the following day just 2, but we were adding one new member to the guild per day.
One of the new members was leveling really fast, by the end of the CBT, they were the same level as me and Bel, we were back to a 3-player party again, there was a day and half of CBT left, and I saw no way at the pace I go was going to make it to level 25, so decided to play my Scout, who that the time was level 7.
Comes the last 10 minutes of CBT#4, and players are logging in saying the CBT has been extended, which it really needed any ways the added patch and not enough higher level players to test it all, they also pretty much open beta it at that time even tho it was still a CBT.
well Bel and the other active 2 members have caught up or long past my healer, and he can not solo well, and I did not want to ask them to slow their leveling to help me catch up, so I decided to stick with the Scout for the last (now extended week of CBT#4 )
I can solo with the Scout a lot easier then a pure healer, LOL that’s a given any ways, so I was leveling a whole lot faster, not to mention they also added 125% EXP. Now my Love is turning from playing a healer to a Scout, these guys were just pure joy for me to play. I was going strictly a ranged build, and DPS, their speciality is Crit, but I wanted DPS. just about every talent and skill is for crit added %, so I saw no reason to build on crit Attributes.
now I am leveling up a new toon, since the latest patch, and I am finding more bugs were there were none before.
My bug reporting page I use in word, before I send it, increased 5 times in 3 days time, compared to the previous 3 weeks of playing ALLODS. Version 5 was way more buggy then the previous version, and it only did a couple fixes. There were quest that just would not open up for me, that should have, same thing happen with my Healer.
The scout, once done in Siveria, I went straight to DW, I just do not like FF, but it was tougher for me this time, because I went in there a few levels lower then what I went in as the healer. I made it tho, it was a little longer grind, I got some flak from some players because I skip FF, but it was more like just “WHY??” nothing bad.
I got lucky and got in a Party to take out the 2 elites in DW, while I was still level 18, these mobs are a level 20 major pain in the A, so that was awesome that I got those quest knocked out the first day there. I kinda hit a wall while there. I had a choice slow my progress of leveling and just keep doing the repeat quest for rep gear, or go to FF and get a couple levels from there. I went to FF, I had leveled up so the quest should be easier for me, making it much faster and less time spent in FF. I requested for Bel’s help , well actually he had offered and I accepted. Well after his help, I was back to questing some more, Bel went to bed.
Okay got another lvl now back to DW and do some quest there.
last 2 days, seems only me and Bel were the only ones in the guild coming back to play in the Guild.
only Goal I had was to match my healers level now, which was lvl 22, I was getting 1.5 - 2 lvls a day, so I figured I could do it , and I did last night.
I liked the Paired weapons for the scout the best, tho I never or rarely use the melee skills they worked best for me, they also complemented my latency issues, since they are the fastest weapons, I have been stuck with paired maces since level 10, which started out as lvl 9 paired maces, but at level 14 I found a lvl 11 set, which I used till lvl 22, I really been in search of paired axes, which only place I could find was in the resale from NPC’s and they cost twice as much to get from resale then any where else, I forfeited my money saved for my last ruby purchase to buy the axes, I really needed some more damage.
The part that slowed my healer in the teens is now slowing my scout in the 20's, it’s the gears Attributes, it totally screws things up, Basically from what I see, one needs a big supply of “water of Life” (it’s a item mall item that allows you to reset your points) or as it “Water of Death” I forgot which is for which.
So I see there is going to be some requesting for certain items , hope we get lots of players , it’ll make searching for the right gear easier.
and that is the rest of the story of playing CBT

Imfir 11th February 2010 02:31 PM

Picture time, since these will be the last and will be wiped, so here is Xaatbo and Xaatheals so it’s kinda a last remembrance photos and Xaatheals name will be shorten to just Xaathe for OB



Imfir 11th February 2010 02:45 PM

The last few minutes of CBT#4, Belark doing a lighting show for everyone

And here is the very last screen shot I did, just before the lights went out, me and Belark's last standing point in Allods Closed Beta test # 4

Ranja 11th February 2010 04:51 PM

Thanks for the great write up. Your screen shots are awesome!

Looking forward to OB and hope the word gets out to more Toggers that this is a game that
really deserves a look. Top notch!

Imfir 11th February 2010 07:07 PM

Thank you Xanfalcon

yeah now that I look at the pictures, I can see why it took me longer to level up the healer, he was always on a smoke break :eek:

Elithawyn 13th February 2010 07:59 AM

I personally love the healer class in this game. Nice to read your experiences and enjoyed your screenshots.

Looking forward to playing with you in-game :)

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