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Really , I just went back to check it out, was even thinking of buy the lower level Adventure packs. I had to go through all the servers to remember what I had before I left
I found I have avatars in Fernia and Ghallanda ( your spelling) I don't remember thier names other Orbac on Fernia.
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I'm playing on Khyber

Ilissa Drake 1Rog/2Ran
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I just started on Kyber last night. Checking out Free2Play before LOTRO switches over in the Autumn (northern hemisphere). Had a lot of fun, and took me back to my pen&paper d&d days... (nerd alert!)

TOG has a huge presence in LOTRO, and it's made by the same guys (Turbine). Graphics, quest content and UI are far better - it's had a lot more $$$s of dev time put into it.

You guys should all check it out when F2P goes live You'll all be welcome in the The Osgiliath Guard (US/Oceania) or The Order of Gilthoniel (EU)!

DDO: Osdara - Cleric (Kyber)

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LOTRO- One might be interested in that... Except that to play a female dwarf I'd have to be the bearded lady. Ick.

On topic, I recently downloaded DDO, and I've currently only just started a character (FEMALE dwarf, no beard, please.) So if she's not on Khyber, I can easily delete and re-roll her.

On an off note, I wish that some of the prestige classes were implemented. Nothing I liked better than playing as a War Priest beside a Defender. Or the fun War-Priest/Storm-Lord dual up for extra killin' goodness. /laugh

Edit: Now have Khyber Clr 1/Ftr 1 Seigrun Gierhrist

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Have a lvl 4ish rogue on ghallanda iirc but I'm damned if I can remember the name.... =)

edit: Oh hey, it's in my sig... X D

Asmodai aka Saviourself aka Stabbitha aka Azshadoria... or Azsh... Azshaz?
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Was going to try this out but can't DL the client.
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Try 3FL Snott as I asked to have the client uploaded when the free game was first released.
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Woot free targeting MMO, lvl2 Rogue, count me in till Tera releases!

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what size is the down load of this game ?
I might give it a try, if Allods new patch next week makes me wanna not play Allods anymore

Well you don't need to answer that now, I went ahead and signed up and got my answer, may be a day or two before I down load it, Just prepping myself for another free to play game
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I've ended up changing servers and joining the Massively guild on Cainith.
Really good group to play with if you want to come over.
Otherwise I still have my lvl6 Cleric on Khyber.
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