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Imfir 3rd March 2010 01:51 PM

Upcoming Revisions to Allods Online
eh, I guess I need to do a looksee and see if they changed anything yet.


Dear Allods Community,

We are happy to announce that we will be making revisions to a majority of the Allods Online item shop. These changes will go live sometime during the week of March 1st.

We would also like to extend a thanks to all of our players who have submitted constructive feedback through email and the forums. The team has reviewed each one of the hundreds of submissions we’ve received. We’ve restructured the pricing based upon your feedback in conjunction with the data we’ve reviewed and communication with our developer. Consequently, we’ve revised pricing so that more people can participate in this feature of the game.

Thank you all for your constructive feedback and support. Please continue to send us your thoughts to, and we look forward to seeing you in the game!


The Allods Team

Elithawyn 4th March 2010 05:59 AM

They did :)

Playing again for a while :)

avaricey 4th March 2010 09:03 AM

We’re pleased to let all of you know that our updated item shop pricing is now live! We’ve made significant adjustments to many item categories, from perfumes and crystal chips to containers and the holy rune. These changes were made after significant analysis, review of the community feedback, and discussion with our developer. We’re confident that many of you will respond positively to the changes.

List of changes in the item shop:
Vial of Perfume reduced from 75gP to 25gP
Large Perfume Kit reduced from 1350gP to 300gP
Holy Rune reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Rough Dragon Hide Backpack reduced from 2000gP to 600gP
Small Deposit Box reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Small Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 250gP to 100gP
Medium Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 1200gP to 350gP
Potions reduced from 250gP to 200gP

I like what I see even with the FoD this still looks cheaper then a P2P. will be installing and playing casually again.:)

Imfir 4th March 2010 03:10 PM

Yeah, now $20 gives you more then 10 hours of no FoD, it’s what 60 something hours. A whole lot better.
I’ll be glad to see what they decide on ,on the larger Pack (Inventory Bag) I remember seeing 3 different sizes in the RU cash shop. Just cannot recall what the size difference was.
It may be a couple more months till I can spare $ for something that is just a pixel. Til then I have been doing the daily perfume quest, and playing the alts till I get a large stock pile.
$6 for an extra 6 slots , hmmm, looks like they going $1 a slot.

I know when I posted that, then logged in, the prices were still the same, still were till I went to bed. Then I wake up and see Elithawyn post, then logged in game, good to see you back there Elithawyn. and the price changes. I guess this explains the increase of players

KiwiRed 4th March 2010 03:19 PM

I started out in the open beta when it was officially free-to-play, and the discovery that they didn't actually mean it have left a bad taste in my mouth over the game (despite how visually impressive the game is). The subsequent discovery that it's actually a lot more heavily pvp-prone (and apparently it can be non-consensual, even if you're not flagged for pvp) has ensured I don't go back, regardless of how much they've reduced the cost to play.

(It's oddly satisfying being stubborn about such things as this)

Still, the drop in prices is a positive move on their part - nice to see they actually made substantial reductions across the board.

sschrupp 5th March 2010 03:27 AM

Can someone explain what this FoD thing is, and why Perfume sounds so important? Is it literally not possible to play the game without spending money, or is it just harder to play without money? I mean is it a hardcore gamer vs. casual gamer issue where the casual gamers wouldn't give a crap?

grouchy 5th March 2010 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by sschrupp (Post 2716665)
Can someone explain what this FoD thing is, and why Perfume sounds so important?

No idea, haven't played.


Is it literally not possible to play the game without spending money, or is it just harder to play without money?
Yes. You can earn the items through time in the game or you can pay cash to buy them without spending the time. They make the game free to play and then make cash to keep it going from selling in game items.


I mean is it a hardcore gamer vs. casual gamer issue where the casual gamers wouldn't give a crap?
Either could spend the extra cash to supposedly level playing field.

sschrupp 5th March 2010 06:25 AM

Ok so it is like every other F2P + Item Mall game. It's just in reading some of the discussion it sounds like after lvl such-and-such that you can't play the game without spending money on certain items.

I've never played a F2P game long enough that I was tempted to spend any money before so I wasn't sure just how "necessary" it was to buy something. Well, I guess I did spend a little bit once for Project Torque. Hmm, haven't played that in forever.. lol.

Imfir 5th March 2010 08:22 AM

I should go back and read some, and give you a better description of what FoD does.

It is a death penalty, you are debuffed for a certain amount of time, Perfume makes you immune to the Death penalty, FoD stacks up to 3 times. meaning you will be debuff more each time. the time that your are under FoD depends on your level, and it starts once you reached level 15.
You do not need to use Perfume, you can also use something else (The name escapes me) it starts with the letter “M”, it is also the same thing that can be used to bribe your time to get out of purgatory sooner. This “M” stuff can easily be bought from the NPC at the Portal you spawn at after you leave Purgatory, it was said for a lvl 40 it is the cost of around 4g or just a lil over 4g to use the “M” stuff each time.
Perfume is just an immunity to FoD and adds HP and MP/Energy, A very nice little increase yes. Necessary, no. Unless your hardcore PvP.
The Game is not PvP, but for some quest it is needed to do to complete all quests. The fact is any game that has PvP ,and PvE in it, is not one sided at all, it is the community that makes the game more PvP then PvE, or the other way around.
There is a daily quest that you can get one perfume a day from. Perfume gives you a 30 minute immunity and health increase.
You want to play a game without any worries of FoD, then buy Perfume. And it is only the Hardcore PvP’ers that will need to keep a supply of perfume, the casual player not so . if you start doing your daily quest once it comes available you should be fine, and like I mentioned you can use that “M” stuff just as well.
FoD really does not effect the causal player, nor a hard core PvE’er. I am sure there can be moments tho that it will, but they are just that , moments.

As for the parts in Discussion about after a certain level, that actually reflects PvP’ers only. And like I said, not really necessary, it just makes gaming easier or more of a comfy feeling that you have it. Call it a security blanket that would be needed more at later lvls

Keli 5th March 2010 07:49 PM

The M word = Myrrh

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