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Lightbulb Xemerys - hardcore strategy for old-school gamers

Hi guys!

I stumbled upon TOG yesterday and thought I'd let you know about this game I've developed for mature gamers.

Xemerys is an online city-sim strategy game aimed at a mature audience who can appreciate a deep yet intuitive economic system and a bit more challenging gameplay. Inspired by classics such as Civilization, Sim City or Caesar, Xemerys brings old-school gameplay to the browser based platform.

The player’s task as a ruler is to develop the biggest city-state in the world, the virtual sky is the limit. Along the way players will encounter concepts such as Quality of Life, Pollution, Propaganda, Civics, City Services, Magic Doctrine, Weather and Global Cataclysm that are sure to make any player's managing skills shine.

Key Features
  • Multiple solutions to solve a problem, yet neither is perfect (every solution has its upsides and downsides).
  • Builder? Trader? Warmage? You decide!
  • There are no armies in the game but you can still ruin other players' cities.
  • Think and Adapt or it's game over, as simple as that!
  • Cooperation between players is vital, although the lone wolf can experience a much bigger challenge.
  • 20 products, 5 service types, 21 civics, 21 propaganda and an ever growing number of spells (at least 50) are at your disposal to create countless strategies.
  • Xemerys is paced so that it can fit a busy life-style.

Cool Features
  • Morphing raw material industries.
  • Instaports (teleporting cargo).
  • Full control over speed ups.
  • Combining civics, spells and propaganda for maximum effect.
  • Sending cargo right from the in-game chat.

You only need a modern browser (Firefox 3+, Opera 10, IE 8 ) with java script enabled in order to play Xemerys.


Official website Xemerys

Looking forward to playing Xemerys with you
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Good luck with your game, and thanks for asking permission prior to posting this up. Unfortunately we often get spam dumped in our forums, or people advertising or promoting their games without asking.

Cheers, Ulric.

We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces. - Carl Sagan
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Thanks for this info Mike. Looks like a fantastic browser game, and brings you right back to simcity days
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Harmless - Post: 4


Thanks Ulric! Both for the good wishes and for letting me post about Xemerys. I'm glad I found TOG, not many mature gamer communities out there.

You're right Leevers, Xemerys does capture some of the charm of the old city-builders, only here it's about management rather than about urban planning.
Xemerys - Hardcore browser based strategy for old-school games
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Well i'm going to give it a run. Looks like a game to play on my laptop in bed.
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