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Atrayo 22nd May 2010 03:41 AM

Free Assorted Game Codes For MMO F2P's
Hello All,

My next issue of "Beckett's Massive Online Gamer" magazine has arrived for July / August. On their page 33 they're listing exclusive game item codes for the MMO F2P's of: Adventurequest Worlds, Dragon vs. Robots, and Wonderking. Atlantica has a promotional advert on page 8.

Instead of creating multiple threads for each game i'll just pile them all in this one thread.

I do ask anyone interested in a game item code to please PM me directly. It'll be on a first come first served basis. Although the game item code for "AdventureQuest Worlds" is a generic one for unlimited use one per customer account.

1) Adventurequest Worlds item is a "Skull Reavor" sword.

2) Dragons vs. Robots just lists an "Exclusive Reward" without any further details.

3) WonderKing is offering two items, which is a "Dragon Wing & Gigantes' Blessing".

4) Atlantica is offering also two items such as a "Warriors Package (14D) & Blessing License (14D)". (only for new accounts and the code expires 8/31/2010)

The "Warrior Package includes a: teleportation, patrol, health check, auto search, and auto battle. The "Blessing License" offers: Increase attack power to 150%, increase defense to 110% and will increase experience points from battles to 150%.

Those that contact me by PM and get the game item key code will be told on how to claim the item. All I ask is to please let me know if the item(s) were claimed successfully, thank you.

Atrayo 3rd June 2010 08:51 AM

Hi All,

This is just a cheap one time bump to guage if anyone playing any one of these MMO's. Of: WonderKing, Atlantica, AdventureQuest Worlds, or Dragons vs. Robots is interested in these still available key codes?

Osdor 10th June 2010 09:56 PM

apparently not! :)

Atrayo 7th August 2010 11:17 AM

Hello All,

I have my next issue of "Becketts Massive Online Gamer" for the months of Sept. / Oct..

The Atlantica Online key code as stated above is a generic (Ongoing) offer and is still available. (i've already have had one TOGer make a request just recently)

Atlantica Online, is also having their "2nd Annual Car Giveaway" for those that live in the States which ends August 31st, 2010.

The grand prize is a Chevy Camaro with numerous secondary prizes.

Here's the link to this Promotion.

Those that play "Sword 2" I have a key code for a mystery "Free In-Game Item".

Again all i ask is a first come, first served via PM (private message). Unless of course its an ongoing key code like "Atlantica Online or Adventure Quest Worlds".


Atrayo 18th September 2010 05:00 AM

Hello Guys,

For those interested my most recent magazine issue for Nov. / Dec. has arrived from "Beckett's Massive Online Gamer".

I'm still offering on-going key codes that are generic and don't seem to expire. For F2P MMO's like: Atlantica Online, Sword 2, and Wonder King.

I also have something special from Wonder King as well. It's a "Panda Mount" sent to your highest level toon within 7 days it stipulates.

I'll restate the existing items from the games above that are ongoing:

1) Wonder King: is offering two items, which is a "Dragon Wing & Gigantes' Blessing". (A code for each item, so state if you only want one or both codes.)

2) Atlantica Online: is offering also two items such as a "Warriors Package (14D) & Blessing License (14D)"

3) Sword 2: has a key code for a mystery "Free In-Game Item".

So if anyone is interested please PM (Private Message) directly. Noting that the "Wonder King" Black Panda Mount seems to be a unique code and not a generic one thus far.


Atrayo 23rd November 2010 10:10 AM

Hi Guys,

I have my Jan. / Feb. 2011 issue of "Beckett Massive Online Gamer" print magazine.

It seems all the offers i posted above on September 17th are Ongoing key codes.

Meaning what i posted just above for: Atlantica Online, Sword 2, and WonderKing are still available.

Please PM (Private Message) me if your interested. Thanks.


PS: The "WonderKing" Panda Mount does also appear to be an ongoing generic code. When claimed it will arrive within your "Gift Box" within 7 days according to the advertisement.

PPS: I also have a advertisement for a game called "" offering a special limited edition item with a generic key code. It doesn't say what the item is however.

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