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Originally Posted by Markan View Post
They are on Elendilmir with the Americans. EU has separate servers so we are the only ones that aren't on Elendilmir
on Elendilmir bud.
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Lone Lands Quest Pack on special for 50 Turbine Points.

That's over 100 quests for approx 50cents. With the free region and Lone lands pack you would easily get enough points in game to get more packs to keep playing.

Also announced has been the opening of the Epic quest line to include Moria, Lothlorien, and Mirkwood for free, in the November patch.
If you were thinking of jumping in, now would be a great time to get started for zero $$, and be able go a long way in the game.
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Markan: which server are the european member on?

I ask because I'd love to be a part of the Guard also in Middle Earth, having played Lotro for a short while at release (I gave up because my pc at the time couldn't handle the game).
But now since its F2P it might be fun to play on occasion next to my main game (being Mortal Online).
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Originally Posted by MrSmiley View Post
Markan: which server are the european member on?
Our presence on the EU servers is The Order of Gilthoniel on Evernight. Do pop down to the LOTRO forums and say hi as well

I think there will be a few people taking a look (or a re-look) now that it is F2P
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