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QueensKnight 23rd July 2010 10:53 PM

Aika players?
Anybody playing or trying this game out?

gPotato Presents AIKA ONLINE - A Completely Free To Play Online Game!

I just downloaded it yesterday or the day before to try it out. Just getting my feet wet, but I figured I might as well ask about to see if there are others hanging about in case I enjoy it and want to find a good clan.

Anyway, I am on Arcan (there is no choice at the moment) and I joined the nation of Lenaria since the description makes it the nation for socializing. :) I always log into the War channel since I want to see what that is like during my test and I figure it probably has more players on it.

So, if you are knocking about or going to give it a whirl, let me know and maybe we can connect or you can suggest a good clan to me if you've been in game a bit.


camdy 27th July 2011 08:10 AM

yeah i've been playing for awhile i'm a warrior and i'm with the same nation.

it also has open pvp of a sorts and this might help you out gPotato Presents AIKA ONLINE - A Completely Free To Play Online Game!

Ebonytears 27th July 2011 10:05 AM

If you're in Australia you can't play this game. It's one of the major gripes I have about alot of the f2p games....IP Blocks. There are actually quite a few games we just can't play, and most of them are the good ones too :(

camdy 27th July 2011 08:47 PM

funny that i'm sure i live in australia too :P

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