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Atrayo 22nd August 2010 12:55 AM

SOE "Clone Wars Adventure" In Open Beta
Hi Folks,

For those not aware that the latest MMO from SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) is about to go retail this coming September 15th. With that stated the game is in a open beta phase Right Now.

Clone Wars Adventures: Home

I'm in it and the download is via the browser which was initially like 79mb's. Similar in many ways to "Free Realms" for those that have played that kiddie Mmo.

You'll find me in that community under my TOG name of "Atrayo. :)

jillaroo81 22nd August 2010 08:31 AM

May as well try it out while waiting for the real thing :D

r8response 22nd August 2010 11:32 AM

Nothing but video card errors for me :(

Azhi 22nd August 2010 11:56 AM

yep same for me, videocard errors

jillaroo81 22nd August 2010 07:19 PM

I tried to launch the game after making my acc and downloading it, but it keeps booting me back to the 'play now' screen after I launch it. Any idea's?

KiwiRed 22nd August 2010 11:55 PM

Had a look, and while some of the mini-games I tried were fun (the tower defense one is particularly entertaining, but the stunt gungan one left me unimpressed, especially with it's odd control scheme) and currently mostly bug-free for me (no video card issues with my system, although the game did freeze once after completing one mini-game), the need to subscribe to gain access to levels past the tutorial and the following 2-3 levels is off-putting. Lack of gamepad support is surprising (everything's mouse+kb) - the space combat and speeder bike racing games in particular would have been perfect with it.

Initial impression is it just looks like yet another pretend-f2p game that's really just a non-time-limited trial for the subscription+cash store full game (like EQ2E), although that's really a rant for another time...

brohawk 23rd August 2010 11:00 AM

I got in, but it seems it is all mini-games. I didn't find an area where you can quest and kill things with my light saber. The tower game was pretty cool. I tried a few mini-games, and they had a bunch. They were all decent games in their own right, but I didn't really see much of a real tie in to Star Wars other than being contrived.

Atrayo 24th August 2010 01:10 AM

Hi Guys,

(My bad can a TOG Mod plz move this thread to the MMO F2P message board, thanks.)

Those with video card errors I looked at the SOE CWA forum and found this Thread.

Some dev's or mods from Sony have posted to it. Also, some users have reported needing to close there X-Fire or Ventrillo program and it cleared up their difficulty with the video card error.


In regards to what we've been exposed to in an open beta it is limited. To the mini-games and a few zoned city areas. Although the mini-games are way more varied than what "Free Realms" launched with a year ago. I particularly like the droid mini-game called Infiltration. I can now relate to R2-D2 hacking consoles from the movies. :)

Rickety 24th August 2010 01:24 AM

So, is this a 'true' free to play game Atrayo? i.e. the game has no subsription fee?

Atrayo 24th August 2010 01:34 AM

Hello Rickety,

(I See we're posting to threads at the same time today) ;)


Originally Posted by Rickety
So, is this a 'true' free to play game Atrayo? i.e. the game has no subsription fee?

Yes, SOE is going with the optional subscription of $5.99 a month. Where "Free Realms" is the optional $4.99 a month and the upcoming EQ2 Extended will be the optional $14.99 a month. (after the one time Silver upgrade)

The Clone War Adventures (CWA) will have the optional subscription and a micro-transaction in-game store for Station Cash SC. Station Cash is the SOE currency in many of their MMO and Facebook games that is used.

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