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Default Ruins of War

Loving this revamp of an old Malaysian game i used to grind in about 9 years ago

Very heavy ultimately on the pvp (minimal quests type game)

also a huge amount of time investment in equipment and leveling (all about party leveling after about level 50-60) max level 96 at time of writing

However it is extremely rewarding at higher levels some tolerance of the community required but can be very funny

lots of free goldbox codes (exp boost) knocking about to help with leveling

appeals to the sort willing to put in time and effort some of you guys might like it

you cant destroy the earth!!..... thats where i keep all my stuff....

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Never heard of this game, but it is certainly the kind of mmo I used to play in the past. I tend to go back to this sort of gameplay from time to time too.

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