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Harrowed 9th November 2011 03:24 AM

Tribes Ascend Beta - Friend Invites.
Have 2 keys to give away for the Tribes Ascend Beta.

If you're a TOG'er and are interested, send me a message.. I'll edit the post when they're gone.


Both gone.. Thanks..
Enjoy chromeshelter and nugdugs..

chromeshelter 9th November 2011 08:40 AM

Hello mate! I would LOVE to get one of those invite! If you are interested i can back you up with a firefall beta invite if we get more (im in the really really closed beta, but they are giving us some keys from time to time to give out)! Just give me your mail and I will put you on my list and you will get my next FF invite :)

ps its nice to see someone being such a good guy giving away his invites :)

Zyclonx 9th November 2011 06:35 PM

Aw damn. Just missed out evidently. :(

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