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Arrow Wizards 101, 3 Free Item Key Code Offerings

Hi There,

I haven't done this in a few months time but I have 3 issues of "Beckett's Massive Online Gamer" print edition magazines. Where in each issue they offer a unique key code for an item of "Wizard's 101". Today I have issues for Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, and Jan/Feb available with item key codes for a "Tawny Ram, Seed Bundle, and a Treasure Pack".

This is how I will share these Free item key codes One to each different Private Message. So first come, first served to the first 3 unique PM's (private message's) I receive here on this forum site.

The 1st item is a: "Tawny Ram", that provides a 7 day rental movement speed of 40%.

The 2nd item is a: "Seed Bundle", This code gives you 4 seeds - 1 of each: Helephant Ears & Deadly Helephant Ears, Ninja Figs & Deadly Ninja Figs.

The 3rd item is a: "Eye of Bartleby Treasure Pack", this treasure pack contains 7 treasure cards.

There you go, once these items have been successfully claimed I'll update this thread appropriately.

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Hi All,

Just to notify those that are interested one item the Seed Bundle has been claimed already.

That just leaves 2 more items left which are the Tawny Ram and the Eye of Bartleby Treasure Pack.

When someone makes a request for a remaining Wizard 101 key code. Please specify which item of the 2 above interests you, one per person only.
Atrayo's Oracle Blog Site (10 Yrs. Plus Online) & Facebook Fan Page.
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