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Default CrimeCraft - New Expansion Released 28/11/2011

CrimeCraft is a third person shooter/mmo hybrid which includes crafting, guild housing, PvE and PvP modes. I've been playing for a few months and have found it quite enjoyable. Anyone curious about the game can find it on Steam or their website CrimeCraft.

I play on the Euricho server and have started a new "gang"(guild) there in preparation for the new expansion with a couple of other "mature" Aussies that I've met in game. Should anyone like to try out Crimecraft you can /w Minkie in-game and I'll be happy to send you a gang invite and help you get started.
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I have this on steam, got bored though as I was running around by myself - with a few together would be very fun I'd think.
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I had a lot of fun with this for a month or so. Would still be interested to get back into it at some point. Currently overloaded with games, but may play again sometime.
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How many toggers are playing it?

Or did it not really take off?
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