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DinoTrainer 16th January 2012 08:38 PM

Everquest 2 is restricted F2P now
Dec 2011

EQ2 is now restricted F2P.

EverQuest II - Home

Thinking about playing it if it's free.....but the restriction makes it nerfed version. It also has frequent reminder... I guess there be a pop-up menu to upgrade or login ads.

DinoTrainer 16th January 2012 09:22 PM

Read a lot of review about the restrict F2P. It's nerfed badly so that you have to pay to play it.

Going to check out lineage 2 f2p :)

RedlineJunkie 21st January 2012 02:35 AM

Is it any different from Everquest 2 Extended (EQ2X)? Did they just roll the paid service into EQ2X?

DinoTrainer 21st January 2012 05:25 AM

No idea. My guess is EQ2X is a different game with different rules and content.

EQ2 is the originals with all the addons and monthly sub but went F2P.

Methane Cuddles 10th March 2012 03:41 AM

It's exactly the same as EQ2X. The Freeport server, F2P service they offered last year while the regular servers say dying and almost populationless for the most part was so popular they decided the entire game would go to the same F2P model. Nerfed is an interesting term since all the content up to level 90 is available for free, you can microtransaction unlocks for things you want or you can do a regular sub and get access to everything in the game for a monthly fee. It was a model I enjoyed quiet a bit while I played when it was still called EQ2X.

D22STRoyer 16th March 2012 10:10 PM

just downloaded this last night keen to play, what server is unofficial oceanic?

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