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Default Aion Europe going f2p

Check it out.

Aion Free-to-Play
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nice m8 thanks for the heads up
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That means I'll have to download the client again
I think Aion had the potential to be a fantastic game, and it's probably the most visually beautiful of any game, but the total ganking that made it almost impossible to even gather the materials you needed for crafting and being killed as soon as you walked out the gate of your town, not to mention the enemy being able to enter your town, even to enter your shop, destroyed all the fun for me.
I'll try it again now that it's going free, but I do hope the ganking has been stopped.
Thanks for the info

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Looks like the North American version of the game will be going f2p as well, some time in April.
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I plan to play Aion when it goes free here in the US. I played it at launch, got super excited about it, then fizzled out shortly after.

It's definitely a beautiful game, but the zones feel very linear to me.
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i know this is an old post but aion is a very good game the ganking can be a bit overwhelming but its there to teach you to get into a group, it is a very group orientated game, if you aint in a crowd your dead !!

i played the original retail and really enjoyed it now its free its very very good !!
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It's free to play in Australia now, even though I never saw it announced as anything other than EU. They are taking name reservations for a new server opening on the 11th which looks to be the US f2p launch.
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I would like to give this game a try.Can anyone reccomend a decent download site.The Aion site with that horrible download client is dead slow.
Found Downloadable Client: Aion v2.5 Empyrean Calling Client - Demo Movie Patch Download Section
FilePlanet: Aion Online Client v2.5
Not sure if these are correct also want to be sure I download the US version.
Any help appreciated
Regards Gramps.

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Tips and tricks for the new and returning player:

Tips and Tricks for the Newly Free-to-Play Aion
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