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Stolly are you stalking me? :P

Ved and I reinstalled this last week and rolled characters on Trakanon over the weekend!

As clunky as the graphics and everything are ... its good to be home!
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Lol Kass no I strolled in here like a drunken sailor looking for something to play or try while bored waiting until FF14 starts for me next week. When I saw the name eq1 I had to look
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I have 6 level 85's on fennin/caizic. Brd/sk/wiz/clr/shm/mag, I used to multibox the entire group. I'm actually in the process of getting that all setup again.

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Who's best to send a tell to for an invite to the Trakanon progression guild?

Edit - well that's if we're welcome! :P
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