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Aldmw 5th July 2012 10:26 PM

End Of Nations
Upcoming MMORTS from Trion (makers of Rift), you can get a preorder package now that nets you a few extras plus an invite to the beta beginning July 20th. Looks interesting, im not usually a big RTS fan but I like the idea of EoN.

End of Nations - EN

Hands on with End of Nations - YouTube
End of Nations - YouTube

Anklemelter 7th July 2012 11:39 AM

If there is enough interest I could try get some beta codes for TOG members. I run a fansite for it It is really fun unfortunatly under a NDA so I cant really talk too much about it.
Pretty much anything ever released about End of Nations is on my site. If you have any question I'll try to answer them.


theduker 12th July 2012 01:22 PM

I hope there is some interest from TOG.
I signed up for the Founder's edition. Would love to get in now if a beta key could do that.
Hoping for a TOG guild\clan. I am going to post to see if there is interest.

Anklemelter 13th July 2012 07:58 AM

OK I can invite some TOG members to that thing that happens before beta that your not allowed to talk about :)

If anyone is interested send me a PM -Please include the Following Information :
E-mail Address
Real Name
(Location/Territory would be useful too as we have French and German invites we can send)

In 24hrs or so Ill send them to the community manager to send out the invites :)

theduker 15th July 2012 01:28 PM

PM sent.

If anyone else is interested in a possible TOG guild\clan I made a thread here.

Anklemelter 15th July 2012 06:07 PM

They just did their first live stream Icebreaker a 2v2 base vs base map.

Yowza 11th November 2012 07:10 PM

Now that the NDA was removed I can now say I was in from the first few days at the absolute beginning stages of testing. I'm really am interested in this game as its going to be big.

Ex westwood devs are doing a great job with this one

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