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Default Neverwinter

I'm actually looking forward to this game. It is going to be like Guild Wars on the non-subscription model. Buy the game, but have no monthly fees.

It's an action MMO, as it actually requires you to dodge/defend while fighting. They also have very limited amount of abilities one character would use, since it is based on the 4th edition D&D rules, not my favorite set of rules, but easily transferred to video game.

I really liked what they showed at E3, and really cannot wait to give this one a try. DDO just got too much pay to win for me.

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So apparently I missed the Never Winter Nights topic, because I just searched neverwinter... but anyways, this thread has updated information anyways.
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I am quite enjoying the game. I hope they increase the level cap.
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I also really like this game.It has great potential with more added content.
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I am currently enjoying this game. I think it has good potential if done right. I like the faster pace of combat rather than pecking at an action bar.
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This looks like it would be a lot of fun.
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It's the best action combat I've used. Shame the population for tog is downhill last few weeks.
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Default Just Started Neverwinter

Hey i just started Neverwinter and rolled a Controller Mage to get the hang of things, nothing like learning the ropes to be the squishy glass cannon that has to run around alot.

Anyone Else play regularly?
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I have been playing this a bit, I have never really been a MMO player but this seems to be a good game.
It is really well made for a F2P model.
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Hubby and I still pop in occasionally now that they have the Hunter Ranger (from Redundancy ) but it's not holding my interest like I'd hoped. I'm not giving up on it though, it's still a well done, free, game. I'm just restless these days and wandering around games a bit.
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