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Rakshala 31st August 2012 04:26 PM

Realm of the Mad God
Do we have a guild on Realm of the Mad God? Forum searches here have turned up very little, so I assume not. If not, do we have enough players to make one?

Rakshala 31st August 2012 06:45 PM

More info
Doing some more searches of the forum I can't find any mention of the game at all so just a quick bit of info:

Realm of the Mad God is a very simple 8-bit style browser MMO that is available here: Realm of the Mad God or via steam. Both versions are free.

The pace of the game is quick, uncomplicated, and has a real retro feel to it. Left mouse button attacks, spacebar delivers a special attack based on your class. New classes are unlocked by leveling the base classes up. Max level is 20, and a knowledgeable player can hit it in an hour of play. The interesting part is permadeath, hence the quick leveling. Once you die you can create a new character and hop right back in, but all of your gear is lost.

Its a fun, free browser MMO that is nice in small doses, but gets grindy and repetitive if played too much or too often.

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