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Default TERA

Tera has just ticked over into F2P, which is great as I love the game but could never justify a sub vs spare time.

I know I know.... I really shouldn't play MMOs, but I just like them.

Anyways, those who didn't check it out first time may wish to have a nosy now.

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Yep, Im back in from time to time now its free to play. Just levelling alts etc. Still fun.
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Does TOG have a guild in Tera? If TOG does then what server?
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Yes, TOG does and details can be found in the member only TERA forum. TOG play on the Tempest Reach server.
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Default invite to TERA guild, if it is still around?

I also posted this on the TERA thread, but I'm not sure it's checked much anymore. Rhosymedre (mystic) and Terabinth (sorcerer), both very low level as of yet. I mostly play Rhosymedre; she's pretty fun.
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As far as I know... no. I still play when I get time, I just joined a guild called Revitalised, seem like a good bunch so far with Mumble server and helpful peeps.

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I could not get into tera no matter how hard i tried just felt like another generic mmo to me, there were some unique functions i guess but nothing that surprised me
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im addicted to tera T^T
thou even so i play like from december im still a noob....
lol i dunno how but i always die lol
anyways i play on freya server
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