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Default EQmac's Al'Kabor. A server trapped in time

I have been playing on Al'Kabor (EQmac only server) for a few months now and I must say I'm really having the same blast there than I had when I first played EQ a bit more than 10 years ago.
The server has a very nice small friendly population that are using a general chat channel /alliance to communicate server wide.
Majority of the players are in their 30s and it seems that about 60% are from the US, 25% from Europe and 15% from Oceania/Asia from what I have seen.
If you feel like stepping back in time and reliving your first EQ experience, please consider joining that server. You don't even need a MAC to play it as it seems some players found a way to make it work on PC.


What is EQMac?

EQMac's Al`Kabor server is trapped in time. It's final patch is from late 2002. It has all the original zones and most of the original models from EverQuest Vanilla through the Planes of Power expansion. Except for a few rare updates it is exactly how it was back in late 2002.

How much does EQMac cost to play?

Nothing! Account activation is free, and the subscription fee has been removed as of February 14th, 2012.

Is EQMac an emulator?
No, it's a live SOE server. It functions very well, and is more functional than traditional "emulated" classic servers. Additionally, most EverQuest emulators force you to use the Trilogy client or later. This allows you to use the classic client from the early days of the game.

Do I need to have a MAC to play the game?
Easiest way is to play on an Intel MAC of course, but a quick search on google will give you a few threads and ways on 'how to play EQmac on PC'.


Patch & Log in
This is where you start the game

EQmac Forums
Forum used by the EQmac community.
Check the HELP forum there for lot of precious info

EQ Atlas
No in game map in EQmac


THE Database for EQ but for the PC client so any change/update made after 2002 are not good for EQmac. But it's still a good source of info. Mostly if you scroll down all the comments down to 2002-2003.

A guide for the new (and confused)

Title says it all

EQ Traders

Anything you want to know on crafting.
Also for the PC version, so any change after late 2002 will probably not apply.

Zone Experience Modifier
The "hot zone" haven't changed since 2002 either. Frozen in time!

Newbie Armor Quest List

A good way to start your first 10 levels

Beginner guide on multi boxing EQmac on OSX

When you don't find a group or want to solo a bit, try multi boxing.

If you are already playing on that server or plan to do so, please post your char on this thread so that we can easily find other toggers
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For the moment, my main are Medjfar a druid and Patochan a ranger that I play in group or solo. Sometimes duo boxing, sometimes not, depending on the need. But I try to alternate them so that they stay in the same lvl range.

And we started a few weeks back a kind of regular fixed group with Logad (also a togger) that we play a few evenings (CET time) a week and as we are only 2 in the group atm, we multi box 3 char each while waiting to find other candidates for that fixed regular alt group. I play Medjfir a warrior, Medaeron a bard and Medekin an enchanter in that alt group. They are all lvl 14 atm.

Currently playing: Black Desert Online & EQ1 TAKP
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I use to play on their in the early days with a raiding guild. Haven't been back in a few years, but may have to check it out again!
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It's strange but it's fun to play this old game again after 12 years. Playing 3 characters with multiboxing. I have 2 Macs so I can play both or I can play using multiple desktops on one.

Logada is a cleric, Foggo is a druid and Logadz is a necromancer. These 3 are in the group with Medrall's. No main character so far.

Teamspeak is available for Mac but is not really necessary since the slow rythm in the game gives a lot of time to chat old style. Maybe in raids.
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