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Default War Thunder

Is anyone playing this? I love this game, but it would be great to play with some older gamers as my wingman. If you play look me up, my gamer name is BlackZakk.
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Though there is thread, but i think its locked as i cannot access it
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The thread is for the TOG War Thunder division and as such is only available for TOG members.
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Slight necro but we need more players in the division. You need to go to the barracks in the forums and get made official before you get into the division forums. The Barracks - The Older Gamers Forums Go to that link and post in there your howdy to the officials, why you want to join TOG etc, and once they read it you can access the forums for divisions. A lot of the games have competition especially for a pvp game so its locked to keep out spies, or pist off people who could simply make a new account and hop in and start a bunch of drama.
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war thunder

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