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Hi Guys,

Originally Posted by Trimethicon
We had an EQ2 guild back when the game launched, the server name escapes me, but we were <The Old Guard>.
Yup, that was on the server Najena, which I believe got merged with another server shard last year or so.

CowKiller, is on the Freeport server the original F2P server for EQ2. I haven't played since last year. I'd rather wait for EQN myself, be it Landmark or otherwise the full game version.
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Najena is now Unrest (not sure if it was one or two mergings along the way).
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Old 6th April 2014, 12:05 PM   #13 (permalink)
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Default Me too

I started a noob on unrest called Aninou. Should we try to make a guild?

I haven't done the 85 thing yet...
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There's an Old Guard guild on the Unrest server. I just reactivated after a long long time out of it and nobody is around - there was even an auto-vote on the last guild leader! All the stuff is still there.
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i'm still on freeport server there server still has alot of players in it AB and freeport are the high numbered servers at moment
level 100 is fun but theres a learning curve to the new x pack
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