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Default Digital Paintball 2 (Free download & Legit)

G'day! Just letting you all now (For those who enjoy a good bash of paintball)
There is a company ( I think it is anyway) Called DIGITAL PAINTBALL who have kindly made Paintball online for free and is legit

There are tons of lil addons / Mappacks and so on!

The download is aprrox 20MB (Prett small )

Game Download website .:] Digital Paint [:.:] Paintball 2.0 [:.:] News [:.

Please note. This does *NOT* violate TOG rules. As it's NOT a Warez website. It's dedicated to its own game.

There is more info about the game on its website.
Also, the graphics are pretty goodish. But you wont get the best for a free game
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lol cool game... very fast
I'll set up a server for this one dummy
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Thank youo!

All the server give a 300+ ping... =(

I can grab a few peeps to join in =)
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