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Default Americas Army

I know some Toggies still play AA.

So this update is for you.

We have acquired our own box, and have 2 new servers up and running for your enjoyment.

Honor Server:
Playing any and all Dev and Honor maps.

Authorised Server:
This one for user created maps,
Downloads available from Mission depot or better still, so you know you will get the right version.
AAO Test Tube Studios - America's Army Custom Map and Server Resources > Home Register and goto Downloads. for the maps.
There truly are some great new maps there guys.
FDG and Test Tube Studios are working together to get some more coverage for some of the awesome map makers out there.

Our TS has moved also and only accessible through our forums.

If ya feel like sharing, come say gday at
We have also been upgrading our website, its still a work in progress.
BTW, I like the new look here.

Cheers TOG's

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Thanks Stitch,

I'll pass on your message to the AA team here.

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Hey stitch thanks for the info mate will see you guys there.

We get all the guys together on a thursday night and do a bit of a pubstack. Reckon we could make it a regular thing on one of your servers?
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Thanks for dropping in Dex..

We appreciate seeing players from well known and well thought of clans,

TOG's definitely fit that category.
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Bloody plugger...

Ya know i kept trying to flick that little bug off my monitor....


Great gaming tonight mate.

Test Tube Studios Rox.....

Check it out guys the User Created maps rock...

Cheers TOGS
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