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Default CyberGamer Americas Army - Ladder signup

Hey guys just wanted to let you all know about a new league for Aus AA starting. CyberGamer is a massive competitive community \ league in Aus and it's going to be biggest thing in Aus AA's history to get a league here.

It's going to be a 5v5 league with proper anti cheat, community forums, shoutcasted matches etc.

I'm coordinating with CG to get it going so any questions or suggestions please pm\email me.

If you're ready to jump right in make an account at CG, enter a team here:
America's Army Ladder

Invite members to your team with their CG username.

Hope you guys can be part of it. Cheers,
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Thanks trep nice of you to invite us along

I'll let the guys know about this and get back to you soon.


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Good to hear, just another thing some people new to CG have been having trouble finding buttons amidst all the content :P
What MIGHT be easier is setting your team as "recruiting" then when TOG members come to join the match roster they can just click apply and the captain just has to click accept.

Rather than the above method of each person telling the captain and being invited individually.

The influx of new and old players from CG has already started and it hasn't even been announced yet! lol, I guess that sought of thing happens when a new section appears on a site with 18,000 members
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