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Default The Hunter

The Hunter - Screenshots
The Hunter - Videos

This new game has some rather impressive graphics. It's available to play for free (or pay for upgrades), so is worth a look even just to check out the stunning graphics capabilities alone (and yes, the graphics do look like that in game), even if you're not interested in the actual game. I think it's only single player but with online stats, so I don't think you can use it off-line. I played it at 6am game time and the effects are amazing.

The installation process is a bit odd & tedious. First it requires you to sign-up, then download an Emote launcher, which uses a "emote:" (url) association to activate the various actions. By clicking a web link, the launcher then activates and downloads the game files and installs it. After logging in on the website, clicking another web link launches the game. The server login's are often at capacity ATM. I think it uses Microsoft .Net Framework 2.1, probably for the launcher.

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kind of disturbing in a way but nice find
thanks for summerised info provided!

interesting stats setup and yes, amazing graphics
i'll give this one a test sometime soon

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The free-to-play (microtransaction) hunting game, titled The Hunter, has received a major game expansion. The expansion, which is free to members, adds a completely new massive hunting environment. Redfeather Falls features, among other species, the completely new Black Bear. In addition several enhancements have been made including an overhauled mission system and a new trophy shot mode.
SOURCE The Hunter Gets Major Expansion - Voodoo Extreme

^^^ Some screenshots in source link!
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