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Default Wolf Team (Contains werewolves)

Wolf Team

(Aeria Games)

Points for creativity for whomever came up with this first, Aeria Games seem to have acquired the rights and are making a new version. I wonder how this plays out. Apparently you can transform during deathmatch gameplay (possible other game types) into a werewolf, with enhanced melee abilities. You can also run along walls and are generaly far more deadly in Close Quarters Combat.

Wolf Team Publisher Post - Team Deathmatch | Ten Ton Hammer

Here is some video footage and the website of the OLD version, to give people an idea of what the new game may look like.

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We need you, Citizen!
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Looks pretty cool!

However I can't help but feel that arena style games like this are a thing of the past... or maybe it's just my tastes. I'm sure they'll come back - but the trend seems to be heading onto bigger and broader pastures.

Still looks like awesome fun!
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Free is a great price for a game!
Wolf Team - Free FPS MMO at Aeria Games

Cheers for the info Reoh
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