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Default Mercenary Wars - New *FREE* FPS ?!?!

Mercenary Wars - The Next Generation of FPS is Here

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Kinda reminds me of combat arms.

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Originally Posted by Reoh View Post
Kinda reminds me of combat arms.
I thought it was CA for a second there.
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I thought Counterstrike
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Heavy on the pink mist and economy-size boobs... must be teenagers
Anything on playability and server-side support? Lots of these small time games never get hosted coz the developers, bless their good hacking hearts, forget the back-end business.
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Incredible...you actually look like you hit and kill people with bullets !

I'm sending this to EA and DICE so maybe they can get the next patch for Battlefield Bad Company 2 up to speed.

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I am trying to get this to run with very limited success, I have D/L the latest client they offer and yet it still needs a 300 mb patch.
Problem is the patch hangs at 99% on one of the particular files.
Research has turned up not much in the way of help but has turned up a lot of people with the identical issue so might have to give it a miss till they fix the issue.

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i think it is CA lol

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Default is it still up and running

last i knew it was down and out for the count tried to get on a few times a month or 2 ago and the servers were all down for days. It was a pretty cool little game and had some fun on it for a while.
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