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Lightbulb Has Anyone Heard of "World of Tanks"?

Hi Guys,

Has anyone heard of a MMO FPS that's F2P called "World of Tanks"? Its set in Europe WWII where there are so far 60 types of tanks of: American, German, and Russian. (eventually there will be 150 to include UK, Japanese, and French tanks)

This is a game developer i believe based out of "Belarus" and right now they're in Closed Beta and taking applications.

Here's the 4 page FAQ section to the game itself.

In the article i read about this action MMO it will consist of 15 vs. 15 tank battles. Where most maps in rural settings will be 1KM in size. Urban setting a bit smaller and the Faq section mentions desert maps of up to 25KM in size. Once you die in any given round of a battle your out for good until the next battle engagement. There is a chase camera to view your buddies efforts in a battle.

I suppose the TOGers that enjoyed "Desert Combat" from the BF 1942 series. May like to check this out as well. The game when it reaches Open Beta will begin to support Clans of up to 100 members. Where provinces won in battle will yeild RTS elements to the game play. (IE factories, income in credits and Gold (gold is purchasable currency from real cash), etc...)

Something to check out for those who enjoy Tanking and Armor elements in warfare gaming.
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Have a few guys from Oceanic Wing that are playing it, don't know heaps about it but they seem to enjoy it

World Of Tanks
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I have been playing it over the last week and its been pretty fun. Tanks are broken down into Light Tanks, Med Tanks, Hvys Tanks, Tank destroyers and Self propelled arty. Each have their own good and bad points and SPG's are very annoying.
But all in all I have played 7-8 diff maps and they are nice and the game is fun

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World of Tanks is a huge mixture of multiple genres. First of all this is a global-scale MMO action game. Besides, there’s a combination of other genres, which are FPS, RTS, RPG, and the simulator.
SOURCE Frequently Asked Questions :: World of Tanks ? Free To Play Panzer MMO Game, Community Web-Site

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Hi Guys,

My bad i didn't notice an existing 2 page thread over at Mmorpg: The Realms on this game. Link

Many more TOGers that are interested are already chatting about it.
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Default TOG clan for WOT

Hi guys.

Don"t know if this the best place to post,or its already been done yet but i"m loving WOT and can only see it getting better with a organised clan.

If there is 1 already send"tell" to me and i will join
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Ive seen a few people talking about world of tanks in the apb chat room and they dont seem to rate it very highly. Might give it a turn seeing how its free...
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looks good may join the beta
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Looks pretty cool , I'mma check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
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closed beta, mmofps f2p, world of tanks

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