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Default Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A)

Alliance of Valiant Arms is a free to play class-based tacticle shooter.

ijji - Where Gamers Unite! - Alliance of Valiant Arms

Thanks to TOG Aldmw for this one, mentioned in this thread.
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I play this regularly, its actually a really decent mmo shooter. Plus theres no spray and pray which is always nice. It is actually free to play as well, on the cash shop side of things you can easily afford guns and accessories with in game money (you get a tonne for the tutorial stuff) and other than that the cash shop seems to have little merit or impact. Plus no spray and pray which is nice! The weapons have major recoil.

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A.V.A | AVA'S Anniversary Party

If anyones thinking of giving it a try, now is a good time to start. Theres going to be bonus xp weekends (+100% xp, and on beginner channels you get an extra 25% xp or so anyway) plus free weapons by collecting tokens.

YouTube - AltTab Reviews: Alliance of Valiant Arms

Lots of new 'pvp' (as in normal fps gameplay) maps have been added and it now has 3 pve modes
Death Valley
Prison Break

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can you play this in my country?
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