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Zalzany 14th May 2012 12:38 AM

I heard about this game oddly enough from TOGers that were playing this awhile back, and just got into it myself this week. Just finished up my college for this school year, and my work plans fell through so got no work for another month or so. Probaly gonna spend the bulk of my summer on APB then poke my head in on World Of Tanks to keep my newly acquired stripes on the TS channel :P

Was wondering if any other TOGers played this game, or would be interested in it. There is no epic wait ques like SMNC but they trade that off with a pay to win option, of course gold members get there own servers, but when they get bored or full they come say high to the F2P players lol.

Edit: Guess no one does, new question who wants to try it out, got quite a few Aussies on the West coast server I play, also quite a few Russians... This game is so much better with real teamwork, seems like crims are the only ones that work together in PUGs regularly.

Zalzany 5th February 2013 08:23 PM

Since this is still on page one, and I kind of posted in the free to grind suppose to shoot section. I am going necro on this page. I started up yet again, and am loving this game all over again. Only reason I burned out last time was I ran into a hurdle with finding a clan even remotely similar to TOG that played, and failed to convince any of my real life friends to get off their xboxs long enough to try it.

Oh and this is on Steam, if that makes a difference, so you could download it on the side if you got steam. If any one gives it a whirl, my crim is Trid, enforcer is Naid.

KosPilot 5th February 2013 08:45 PM

Have they managed to get rid of all the #$%$#% cheater trash yet?

Zalzany 5th February 2013 10:12 PM

I haven't honestly seen a cheater... seen macro users, but outside of the hackusations I haven't seen any sign of cheating. And you will see it a lot when school gets out, I even had one newb go as far as calling me an awful aim botter when I pointed out I had 3 kills and 8 deaths one mission lol. Basically if your quick with a mouse and get lucky one kill some of these kills will cry for hours about hacks, even had one ballsy one tell me he was a GM and he would ban me if I didn't fight fair, I had a shotgun, not sure how you aimbot with that.. I called his bluff, and reported him, and quickly had him begging for me to let it slide, after I got stuck in 3 missions with the little turd constantly messaging me telling how my ban was coming any second.

KosPilot 7th February 2013 07:42 PM

I was into APB about a year ago but got out due to cheats. APB themselves had a monthly updated name and shame forum section and there were hundreds of people being banned every month, the Russian and Asian servers being the worst.
At least two internet "companies" were making business out of selling hacks that would be working only days after an APB update. I think APB is a good shooter and absolutely loved it for the first day after a server update. After that your stats would take a nose-dive.
If they really have improved I may try it again :)

Zalzany 8th February 2013 05:33 PM

The name and shame is now down, they stated it was a waste of resources. They did state however they are still active at banning, last forum post I read regaurding hackers, seemed to agree with my opinion, that a lot of the hackers now are just the same people from before on new accounts. Hackusations are still at a high though, but in my experince I have seen maybe one player in months of play that seemed fishy the rest I assumed worst case used a macro to time out their weapon fire rates to reduce spread.

Also note they just updated the gun mechanics, they added in max, and min ranges to guns so guns like their joker box micro, can't tear you apart with burst fire outside of close range, and they tweaked recoil for a lot of guns to temporarily throw off macro users. I haven't had a lot of time to test it since it went live today, and I worked all day, but seemed like the guns I like feel better, even if my assault rifle slowly drifts up like a real one does from fire. 1.10.1 weapon patch

Zalzany 9th March 2014 02:29 AM

Well finally took the plunge after playing falling earth for a while which is g1's other good game, I broke down and started up again. This time I finally went all in I got the key to the city pack, with 2 account bound cars, 3 guns, and 2 sets of clothing for 80 (99.99 on steam 100 from g1 with out 20% off from being prem already) bucks since I had 2 day premium code from a bad maintenance day the week before.

Can't say I regret it one bit, little awkward using 3 slot guns with only one rank 1 mod installed lol, or crusing around at rank 30 in a four slot car. Saddly since I can't afford or even use the good gun mods yet no real diff at all from the stock guns minus a whisper I got wich has set mods installed. Although I do love the fact I never have to lease them again, that was really annoying when I came back to find my chars broke with all the gun leases expired. I actually wiped all my old toons and started from scratch.

If any one actually wants to give it a whirl, I am on the West coast server, but there is a hong kong server, that I oddly get good ping on. Really questionable on that ping rate for hong kong, but meh, if others get playing I may delete my enforcer I never play and reroll on another server, and maybe buy a new char slot as well, but defiantly want to see some active toggers before I get another char slot.

And Hackuzations down dramatically punk buster has done wonders, or the gms. Now only time you see it is from new/returning players, and the odd jokester who makes fun of them. Basically same as before but more rare, people who get flanked or stand in the open cry hack, then get made fun of and normally stop. You still have some trash talk here and there about some one using a gun right, and being called a cheater, but minus the Gold rank players with fully moded guns camping its easy to just swap to a better gun for that situation and even the odds.

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