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Default [Firefall] Beta Weekends!

Beta Weekends | | Free Online Multiplayer FPS | Firefall the GameFree Online Multiplayer FPS | Firefall the Game

If you’re curious about Firefall but haven’t had the chance to experience it for yourself, this is for you. Red 5 Studios invites you to register for your chance to join us and thousands of other testers for one of our 48-hour Firefall Beta Weekends! Each Firefall Beta Weekend will be centered on a different theme, each one encouraging community interaction while giving weekend players the chance to experience everything that the game has to offer.

The three weekend themes are…

Join the other citizens of New Eden in collecting valuable minerals by calling down thumpers and fighting back the deadly creatures they attract.

The wildlife population across New Eden continues to grow, and the more violent species are becoming a threat to the way of life in Copacabana. Work alongside other players to thin the herd and keep the citizens safe.

The Chosen have rallied their forces and are making their push into New Eden to crush the remnants of humanity. Band together, explore the world, find enemy Chosen patrols, and decimate their forces before they overwhelm New Eden.

We’ll be giving players 48-hour beta weekend invites throughout these three events so that our registered players will have the chance to try Firefall for the first time, as well as help us to stress our new server infrastructure over the three event weekends. Sign up today for your chance to play, and join the community for our first Firefall event weekend!*
*Times will be specified in the email received for your beta weekend

Our first Firefall Beta Weekend will begin in early November, with another at the end of the month and a third in early December. What are the specific dates?

November 9th, 2012 until November 11th, 2012
November 30th, 2012 until December 2nd, 2012
December 7th, 2012 until December 9th, 2012

The Firefall Stress Test Weekends will be a community event that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to register for the Firefall Beta for your chance to participate and help shape our game, and receive unique rewards!

Or become a Founder Member for immediate Beta access and a guaranteed place in all our testing events. Head over to our Founder Members page to see each of our different Founders Pack options to learn which one is perfect for you!
Go to the link above to find the sign-up button.
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