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Chief 22nd January 2013 09:22 PM


Is anyone else playing this game? It's in closed beta at the moment, although it is very easy to get a key.

It's a great online co-op 3rd person shooter, I've been playing it like mad for the last few days and am having a blast.

I have 5 spare beta keys for it as well if anyone is interested, just shoot me a PM. They also post sites where keys are available on their home page, there seems to be plenty of them around at the moment.

GrayGhost 5th March 2013 03:22 AM

I just picked up the Hunter or Ranger founder pack to jump into closed beta as well. It's pretty neat! I don't know what your play times are, but shoot me a friend request ingame!

I believe my account is under Ozonetaco

Currently only have a peasantry level 14 Loki as my main but it's been fun. I hope this game catches some momentum as I always love the coop focused aspect of games. Mayhap we should do a proper write up for the game to shout it out to other toggers?

GrayGhost 16th March 2013 06:09 AM

Well there hasn't been any responses. It's a pretty neat game.

Here is a gameplay video on youtube if you wanted to get an idea for it.

Warframe Coop Is Insanely Fun (Gameplay) - YouTube

Harrowed 19th March 2013 09:55 AM

They just completely changed the Mod system so it's got a new learning curve, kind of :)

Also added a new Battleframe + Weapon + Kind of Pet system.

Ned 31st March 2013 09:33 AM

Released on Steam - LINK -

Latest trailer..

Eponymous 1st April 2013 02:32 PM

I'm in game as Eponymous so if your looking for company give me a Hoi

Genghoidal 1st April 2013 03:22 PM

Yep been playing

add Geng

Elyzion 1st April 2013 10:29 PM

Do we have a TOG corp for this?

Ludy 1st April 2013 11:02 PM

A few of us have been hanging out in the "Any Game" chan in TS. A couple set up a clan but not many in it. We just set each other up as friends and jump in each others sessions.

With help of other TOG I have been able to get the 3 blueprints for my Rhino and started crafting the systems blueprint and the 2 hand ax today. We are trading different missions so that everyone is able to get the rare mats for crafting and get into new frames or new weapons. You can play this game completely free but the grind/time it takes for some of the stuff is huge.

Now if only that damn shield capacity mod would fricken drop!

GiantDave7 2nd April 2013 09:50 AM

I'll join in. Just DL'd the game last night.
In game is GiantDave7.
Will be splitting my time between this and Defiance this week.
Look for me in Any Game Channel.

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