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So I got bored and was playing the crap out of some simulator games I had on steam the other day. Saw my old TOGer friend nera playing this TheHunter game that was now on steam so downloaded it and tried it. Before I knew it we grabbed another old friend I hadn't seen in a month and we stayed up till 4 am my time 6am his tracking elk, bear, and moose. Needless to say very addictive game, only one of us even hunted in real life before, wich shows it does have some reach to its market.

The catch is its F2P but you can only hunt in one area, can't host a multiplayer hunting session, and can only hunt mule deer and rabbit. You see the rest of them though, the first time I played the boars and other deer were taunting me good, but that starter map had a lot of animals I could hunt on it, just a couple distractions here and there when I was tracking deer, and saw boar tracks or heard a boar call.

The subs are crazy stupid cheap and tiered. For 9.99 you get 3 months unlimited access to the whole hunting area, all the maps, and licenses to hunt every thing. You can do "missions" where you get hunting tasks to score some in game currency and by licenses one for each type of animial as well if you don't want to sub. I did 14.99 for 3 months got a turkey call, a pistol and a free 12 gauge for doing it. And with subs you get unlimited basic ammo. Which is every thing in game minus arrows, and crossbow tracker bolts, they got a light that blinks or something on them so you can track your hit targets better.

The animials have rules on what you can shoot them with since its a private hunting reserve, its pretty easy though, the starter rifle can can kill any deer, but if you kill small animals like rabit they don't count towards your score and the npc who is on your friends list since you letter in your mailbox about the kill being disqualified to your score for basically being over kill. But with the 12gauge I got with my 14.99 sub I can literally anything, bird shot works on all small prey, I got buck shot for deer, and slugs works on deer, moose, elk, bears. Only other type that can do that is bow, bow or crossbow is also permitted to hunt every thing but requires guessing range, drop and windage a heck of a lot more.

Its part RPG as well as you track you get exp for tracking that type of animal, for example I can see what way they went, well get a general idea on my gps tracker, but Nera who has played more can tell how old the tracks are for some of the stuff. Just like I can hear animal calls, and personally know if its male or female in most cases, but my toon's skill is too low, so it just knows what animal it is and marks the area it came from if I try to track the noise.

Here is two good youtube trailers for it in case it caught your eye:


Fanmade that is great
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