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I've been playing off and on now for a couple years. They just added Russian involvement and gear. Graphics are excellent as is gameplay. There's an RPG dynamic towards your toon as well.
I urge you to check it out and let's start playing regularly..
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Ive been checking it out for the last month, there are still some bugs here and there! nothing game shattering mind you, only problem I see is the game was developed over a decade ago and they have been real slow to make upgrades.

There are also a ton of hacks for this game on the internet, you can usually tell when someone is hacking when they engage you you lag badly, but even with the hackers its still a blast and you can still do allot of killing and raising levels.

You gain rank (which opens new skills a nd access to new vehicles and weapons), medals (which give bonuses), training for your individual weapons, Vehicles you can upgrade almost anything in the game,

Deffinatly a game to check out, the real cool thing is you can join in on the war and actually lead troops as an officer and eventually have an effect on the outcome of the war

Or you can jump into a skirmish for some quick killing (which doesn't effect the current wars outcome its just a fun fast way to kill heheh some time)
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I LOVE Heroes and Generals. If any of you play you can add me, I'm JessicaBranch. My main is a German Recon.
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