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Ashlann 15th September 2009 01:06 AM

Games Industry Podcast - Episode 6
In this Episode: What's on our play-list, Competitive gaming vs relaxtion, and Gaming Merchandise. What are you fanatical about?

Ashlann 15th September 2009 01:09 AM

In this episode:

What's been on our playlist?
Gaming Merchandise: Are you a fanatical collector?
Competitive Gaming - do you like to play hard with the team, or is it all about relaxation?

Download Here (For PC: Right Click Save As - 17M .mp3)
Originally Recorded: August 13, 2009

Please post up your comments, questions & feedback for us!

We hope you enjoy the cast,

Ashlann + Father

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Icehenge 15th September 2009 06:49 AM

As a fairly new member of TOG I have been listening to your podcasts from the beginning about the sametime as i joined.

I have been enjoying your chats about the state of games and what new etc.

When I first started listening I was hoping you would talk about whats going on in the TOG forums maybe an interesting thread from each division, because theres just too much going on in all the forums for a casual player like myself to keep up with, maybe even get some of the DC's on to talk about what happening, and tempt some of us into their games.

I joined mainly for the Fallen Earth Beta and thought maybe the pre-launch may have made it onto your radar, as Father seems obsessed with Fallout at the moment, perhaps he could ween himself of it by trying this very good MMO which would probably appeal to his fallout FPS RPG fixation.

Anyway keep up the good work it is definately a podcast I will be keeping up with.

Father 15th September 2009 01:34 PM

Fallen earth sounds interesting on paper yes, I believe it's been delayed again though? Too early to tell at this stage but I'm certainly keeping an eye on it.

Not talking about TOG's internal was really a conscious decision, we wanted this podcast to be one that all people interested in gaming could listen too which by definition should cover TOG members.

Thanks for the feedback.

Icehenge 16th September 2009 02:47 AM

Yup Fallen Earth official release was put back again recently to 22nd but we already are up and running with all the pre-order crowd and TOG has got a good membership representation already at least 77 last I looked at the clan list though some of these are alternates.

There are still a few bugs being worked on but the devs seem to be working non-stop at the moment polishing this product.

I am amazed really how much interest this game has got with almost no publicity.

Anyway try it out if you get the chance it weened me off of fallout 3, but i still get the need every so often to pull out my rockit launcher and hurl various debris at critters in the wasteland.

Keep up the excellent work

astrospud 16th September 2009 11:58 AM

EDIT: Oops! this post meant for Ep 7!

Atrayo 17th September 2009 02:37 AM

Hello Ashlann & Father,

Having just listened to episode 6 and almost having caught up to the present day.

About the only collector items i could claim are from my Mmorpg days. When i was massively (pun intended) stoked about SWG, EQ2, & Vanguard. When they initially launched i would splurge and buy the $90 US collectors box. Both SWG & EQ2 i believe had pewter miniatures, poster, concept art sketch book, etc... (mostly knick knacks) But after having felt burned from the Vanguard game launch. I decided to never buy another Mmorpg collectors edition for a game title i was in beta for previously.

Regarding competitive game play it can be said i'm somewhat into that at another gamer community. (TGW) That holds BF 2142 campaign tournaments every 2 months. I've been with them for nearly a year. Where one of their main attractions for the BF 2142 tourney are the 60+ Custom Maps they utilize. Via a on site map designer that converts maps from the Mod community for BF 2142. He's even taken BF2 structures, vehicles, game objects, and past BF2 stock & custom maps and converted them to BF 2142.

So its a blast currently for us for this aging DICE game released back in 2006 originally.

Ned 26th October 2009 12:34 AM

Stef at the beginning of the Podcast you mentioned the updated forum and the new icons.. well done to your engineering and graphics teams, the forum looks great!

Stef mentioned having to use of 'Alt + F4' when a game locked up (one of the Fallout 3 expansions). I'd never heard of this function but found its use here..
HowStuffWorks "What does Alt+F4 do?"

I find it VERY annoying having to do a manual restart on my system due to a lockup so I'll be testing this out next lockup I get. Thanks for the info!

I tried the Trine demo - - that Stef mentioned.. an ol'-school platform style game with a twist where you play three characters with differing abilties. You get to switch between these characters to progress through the game. This is a great game for kids in my opinion! For me Trine looked and sounded good with fluid motion and gameplay. Even though I found the second level a bit 'samey', the only real negative for me was the character voices - ouch.. yet the narrator's voice was excellent! Although I feel Trine is more geared towards kids, anyone who enjoys platform games should like this one a lot. I agree with Stef, yes the game is cliché and yes it's fun and works well. Check out this gameplay trailer..

I also played the mentioned ArmA II demo and also found it difficult to like. For me it was the movement controls. The rest of the key binding would have been just a matter of getting used to them and adjusting as you progressed with the game but having to use multiple keys for different movements is just 'painful' especially when other games don't force this on the player.

Stef, you mentioned Slient Hunter 3 & 4 and how you were disappointed how you weren't able to 'walk' through the sub between the varying aspects of the game... well, looks like you're in luck with the up-coming Silent Hunter 5.

How does the camera work in SH5? Has the improvement been made significantly compared to the camera view from SH4?

The player is free to move through the submarine in free FPS-like fashion. We believe that creating a simulation game is not just a question of writing the mechanics that define the machine – in our case the u-boat – but there’s also the very important part of defining the actual human experience. What is it like to be the captain of an u-boat crew, in mid-Atlantic?

You should feel the tension and the claustrophobic atmosphere inside the UBoat and the way it affects the crew.

On the other hand, external camera is now allowed to rise much higher above the sea, allowing a dramatic view of the battlefields and landscape. We’ve changed the water and terrain rendering engine, solving the bugs that prevented this in the previous version and increasing the rendering distance too.
SOURCE: Silent Hunter V Community Q&A (Updated 21.10.2009) - Topic Powered by Eve Community

Now, to the topic of Collectors Editions for games and Merchandise. I don't have any gaming merchandise but do have a few collectors edition versions of some games.
-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
-Far Cry 2
-Call of Duty: World at War
-Unreal Tournamnet 3
-Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars

Ashlann you mentioned the COD:WAW collectors edition and how you get a Canteen, well.. on the packaging for this there's a note:

Enjoy This Collectible Canteen.
Not Intended For Drinking.

LOL! The COD:WAW pack in my opinion is the least value for money out of all the ones I have.

Regarding competitive gaming vs relaxation, I like both forms. I enjoy singleplayer, social and competive multiplay. I've always had a liking to anything co-op which is currently great for me as it's becomming a popular trend with game developers :)

For me to enjoy competive play this depends on the game, rules and team I'm playing with. There are varying degrees of competive play. I prefer the higher-end more serious style. Even though great fun games can played in comps (win or lose) it's mostly all about winning for me (ie. regarding comps).

Thanks again for another Podcast!


Ashlann 26th October 2009 01:59 AM

Good on you Ned! Thanks so much for such a thoughtful response.

Father 26th October 2009 02:57 PM

Love the feedback Ned, always great to see something on all our topics discussed.

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