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Ashlann 15th April 2010 08:19 PM

Games Industry Podcast Season 2 - Ep 18
All Things BF:BC2 with a special guest. Atkinson loses the plot... again.

Ashlann 15th April 2010 08:20 PM

Recorded: March 27th 2010

Episode 18: Get it on iTunes now!

In This Episode:

  • Special Guest: Squiz - We talk BF:BC2 in depth

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Download here (27M mp3 - Right Click, Save As - PC)

Notes from Father and Ashlann

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Ashlann & Father

Ned 24th December 2010 02:20 PM

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Competition mod ideas. I see you guys prefer Conquest gameplay to Rush. I much prefer Rush. A competition mod could make the attacking team slightly advantaged so they should then always finish the objectives without long drawn out games, the idea being an opposing team needs to beat the other team's time.. much like the Stopwatch mode in Enemy Territory. Add to this a decent Hardcore mode and the intensity increases even more. It's a real shame about not being able to have a non-ranked dedicated server to run this kind of thing. Now-a-days it's all about stats. The "FUN" of stats seems to outweigh the fun of gameplay for many.

Ash, yes the singleplayer is awesome! The feedback is correct. Yes it's linear but it's FUN.
Some Bad Company 2 singleplayer TOG chat - HERE.

Michael Atkinson (Ex South Australian Attorney-General)

Since this Podcast he's retired and much is happening regarding the R18+ for game titles. What disturbs me most regarding this topic is not opinions like Atkinsons but the fact that someone like that can to get to a position like Attorney-General. I find that very worrying.

Aliens vs. Predator

I agree with Stef, I found the demo rather boring and the graphics lackluster. Some TOG chat - HERE - regarding the demo. Guys, this game isn't an AvP sequel as such. An Aliens versus Predator title was released in 1999 developed by Rebellion followed by a sequel a couple of years later. AvP2 was developed by Monolith Productions. The original AvP developers, Rebellion, made this latest version and gave it the same title as the first. TOG chat on full game - HERE.

Podcast News

Six Days in Fallujah controversy. The main reason I see here for the controversy is the timing and closeness of recent events. I find it lame that some are complaining of this game and not other war titles as this trivialises other war atrocities. The game does look to be finished as mentioned but the controversy has kept publishers away. I bet there's no shortage of publishers lining up for a Battlefield or Call of Duty title!


"I can promise you that game is still coming out and it is finished,"
SOURCE Six Days in Fallujah Finished, Still Coming Out - Xbox 360 News at IGN

I agree with Stef, if they had of made up a fictitious area etc for this game it would have been released by now. Maybe their idea was for the controversy to help promote the game. If this was the case it's backfired.

23 year old fined 1.3 million dollars for uploading Super Mario Bros. I don't agree with the working out of what to fine this guy. They assumed that the number of uploads directly equals dollars lost. I know plenty of people who download games to test and if they like it they then buy it.. and with the lack of demos being released this is on the increase. I suppose though there's no real way to determine money lost. This guy needed to be punished and punished hard, but seriously, so much for the justice system being balanced.

If it wasn't for morons like this 23 year old we wouldn't be dealing with DRM!
Actually now I think about that he should be punished even harder!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for a great Podcast!
Cheers to Squiz for your input!


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