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All around great game. That (of course) the single player is a little too short, and the airport massacre didn't really bother me too much. It does have an option to skip that mission with no deductions on your achievements! Speaking of which, don't forget to finish the game on veteran. You unlock a lot of achievements!

All around great game. Multiplayer just gets better as you play. (unlocks and so forth). Just now starting to get good at it. Would like to do some coop though.
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Finished it 5 mins ago on the hardest setting (for trophies of course ) damn you click i see you have 100% already. I did really enjoy it, like most said a bit short. The massacre didnt bother me to much. Looking forward to some online play. But now i want to get back to Drakes Fortune 2 and finish that
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Originally Posted by exploit View Post
damn you click i see you have 100% already.

Thx mate
I was lucky enough to finish it the other day.
Thankfully those spec ops challenges are out of the way. Most are really enjoyable until you do them on veteran. Snatch & Grab was the worst (Thx to Sellfcon for helping me finish that one). If anyone gets really stuck doing any pm me and I can try and help get you through them.

If anybody is thinking of going for Platinum is this game (which is really achievable) here is a great guide for all the intel locations
All Enemy Intel Items Locations - PS3Trophies.org

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Thanks for the guide Click, i`m going to try and make this my first Platinum
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