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Default DUST 514 : first impressions

I translated this article that I've found on the site Mondes Persistants about the console game DUST 514 that is in alpha stage. These guys sent someone over to the Fanfest in Reykjavik where the game was presented.

Dust 514 : our first impressions

Olyyy, who travelled for us to Reykjavik, went to a presentation of DUST 514 that was held for the Fanfest. This presentation consisted of some slides and a demo of the game (that is only in Alpha test yet). A developer talked to us about the gameplay.
They announced that there are going to be maps where up to 64 players will be able to confront each other. The game was described to us as the first real MMO-FPS on console with a continuously expanding world.
CCP clearly indicated that it is their intention to make this game into a reference within it's genre on console. We feel that this makes it uncertain that the game will be released for PC.

The game was fluid and vivid with impressive explosions. The goal (a bit classic) is to conquer strategic points before being able to distroy a vessel by the name of "Mobile center to get through this first part of the game. This all reminded me a lot of a certain Battlefield 2142 and its Titan mode, although we don't have to climb aboard of a vessel to distroy it.
There are two kinds of unities : "the commander" and "the infantry". The commander assists the infantry in different ways, by taking the spawn points for his account or by sending vehicles. The infantery can dispel "the fog of war", that allows the commander to see what happens on the battlefield. All that once again made me think that the gameplay is old school.
The infantery has no classes at all, such as medic or other ones. The role that people will play on the battlefield will depend on the materiel they will have brought with them, material which can be acquired on the market. That market won't be as free as on EVE online. They told us that there are going to be thousands different pieces of equipment and that it will also be possible to modify arms and vehicles. Let's hope our boys will be able to tune their jeeps by adding a nice wing !

One of the novelties is that the vehicles are given in function of the "War Points" one obtains by killing several adversaries. The score of these war points is put to zero again once a part is finished. No more tank squatters as in Battlefield 2 !
There will be no skill system on Dust 514 as there is one in EVE but a system of achievements.
People can return to their "War barge" in orbit around the planet where they will have the possibility to get their own appartment. It seems that this war barge is going to be a place where players can socialise in between two massacres. We were able to see some rooms, one of which was the "trophy room" which was nice.

There's a strong resemblance to Incarna when it comes to the technology that has been used. Therefore I asked if Incarna is going to come out before DUST 514, and the answer was positive. Is that a sign? It's hard to say for the time being.
We also learned that communication between Eve and DUST 514 players will be possible, including messages.To ensure that players will be able to go immediately into battle, wars will exist between the npc factions. CCP wants to do this like in Eve with the High sec and the 0.0 : the npc wars keep a lot of players busy but some will want more then that and will engage in wars between alliances.

We weren't able to get a lot of detailed information about sovereignity, it seems that this is still in discussion, the add on for Eve "Dominion" will be their priority.

We have to admit that we didn't feel overwhelmed by the graphics of the game after having seen the presentation. We saw jeeps, tanks, a hunter but nothing really new. The character animations still needed a bit of a lifting too.The landscapes left an "empty" impression and weren't very original. But CCP has some time left to do something about this, as the game is only in the alpha stage.

Among other things they have announced us that the game will be playable without subscription but there is going to be a system of "micro transactions", we don't know what they will be exactly, but we can imagine there will be the possibility to buy arms with another skin for example. It's hard to say but it isn't very assuring.

In our opinion one of the biggest problems with this game is that it does look a lot like Battlefield. On a market where there is a lot of competition, such as the fps market, simply adding the word "MMO" isn't enough to turn DUST 514 into a succes. We will have to wait untill we can play the game before we'll be able to answer this question.

Here is the link to the article and some screenshots :
Dust 514 : Nos premières impressions

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just watched the trailer.. it looks good
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