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I got this game for the PS3 yesterday, just don't tell the wife!

If we get organised in game on the PS3 platform can someone throw me an invite?
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Originally Posted by click View Post
Just remember PS3's are region free but DLC isn't
If you buy from OS you better have an OS PSN Account to buy the DLC if your game is from that region
but once you have that content it would be usable across all regions wouldn't it. i have aus, and us accounts. what other account would be required to cover the asian region ?
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Damn this is a fun game!

The level of destruction is amazing! I love the fact is there's a sniper in a building, instead of trying to shoot him, you can just blow up the building!

I have it on Xbox360 and will be on frequently in the next few weeks at least
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*Cough!* Battlefield Bad Company 2 Player List
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