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Default 1st Quarter 2010

The first 3 or so months of 2010 look to be almost as big as the 2009 Christmas period for game releases.

Top of my list is Mass Effect 2 (Already have this pre-ordered), but I also have my eye on:

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Alien Vs Predator
BioShock 2

Others that may get a looking:

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Dante's Inferno
Army of 2 : The 40th Day
Dark Void

MAG was on the list, but after Beta I was not left with a great feeling for the game.

So much for recovering from Christmas

I guess I am kind of lucky my Internet connection blows or I would have to add Star Trek the MMO to the list!

What titles have you excited (or at least curious)?

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In the way of console games:

Final Fantasy XIII
White Knight Chronicles
Lost Planet 2
God Of War 3
Heavy Rain
Just Cause 2

Also the RE5 and AC2 DLC.

Bad Company 2, AvP and Bioshock 2 will all be PC purchases for me.
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FF XIII and Red Dead Redemption are the two certs

Everything else is just gravy and can wait until i have cleared out the huge list of game i still have to play.
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Bioshock 2
and maybe my son will get Heavy Rain.
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Well, my list is slightly different because:
Diablo III (duh!)
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (not sure IF it goes out in 2010 but lets hope, otherwise some kind of XBOX360->PS3 port would be a real treat for some people)
The new Gran Turismo (5?)
New Splinter Cell (whatever the subtitle is)

I haven't played MAG beta but can't wait to see it actually, wondering if it would come any close to MW/MW2 with multiplayer. I know the amount of players would destroy any online shooter right now but what about the quality...

Anyway - my few cents worth.

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GT5......Although it's Q3 according to this site. Bugger

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My list so far for 2010

Bad Company 2
Splinter Cell Conviction

Its good to see a vast variety on the horizon thou
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Halo Reach and may be MAG depends on the online Subs cost if its $50.00 per year Ile get it if its more I wont.
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Bad Company 2
Diablo 3
Starcraft 2
Command & Conquer 4

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