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Talking Mass Effect 2 Ad pulled by SEEK.

This was posted on the Mass Effect 2 forum site. For our international friends, SEEK.com is a job vacancies web site.

SEEK has pulled a viral marketing ad for upcoming video game Mass Effect 2 just hours after it was posted, citing a breach of the company’s fair-use policy.

As reported by Computerworld, the ad offered positions as Biotic-Powered Super-Soldiers at a company called Cerberus.

“Due to the recent disappearance of entire human colonies, Cerberus is looking for a team of elite assassins to join the fight for mankind,” the ad read.

“You will have a passion for the mercenary industry and a natural flair for killing… Blood, guts and exploding torsos is all in a day’s work for you, and you love it!”

A spokesperson for SEEK would not disclose who placed the ad, citing confidentiality purposes, but said a new account had been created prior to posting. The account was now on hold following the discovery and take-down of the advertisement.

“The ACCC actually has clear guidelines on advertising and ensuring that any job advertised is a real one and not misleading,” the spokesperson told Computerworld. “If it’s brought to our attention outside our current checks then we’ll take down the ad immediately, which we’ve done in this case."

The incident follows the posting of an IT Developer ad for Border Express on the site earlier in the week, which featured job requirements such as “DD Cup breasts” and a “slim waist.”

The SEEK spokesperson said that the ad, which has since been amended and referred to the police, was modified by at the account owners end, not SEEK’s.
(End Quote)

The rumor is that the job ad got over 3000 clicks of the "Apply Online Now" button.
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lol i would apply for that job, stupid seek now i can`t
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I would have applied, but I am over qualified
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yet if it would have said something about joining the navee (spelling?) on pandora to "protect" the planet they would have kept the ad...

silly world.
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