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Default MAG! whos in?

Well I did what I thought I wouldnt do, I orderd MAG. What the hell up to 256 players on one sever could be a lot of fun. Any one else orderd the game or am I the only tool in TOG Make matters worse I'm and XBOX fan
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What is the release date and is this title big enough to warrant it's own player list? (I am guessing yes, but I will wait for you PS3 lads to tell me so )
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Yeah im holding off on this untill CLick says its good. I heard it was crap in beta
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I did not like the Beta. While the idea is certainly interesting and the technology is certainly interesting, the game itself just didn't really appeal to me.

I think it will work a lot better at release if you have a good clan to ensure organization and coordination, but otherwise it's a bit of a mess.

The meta-game AKA Shadow War isn't particularly interesting so I don't see the lasting appeal.

Global Agenda is far more interesting to me. The maps may only be 10 vs. 10 rather than 128 vs. 128 but AvA seems much more meaningful to me than the Shadow War. Also, I'd rather have a tight-knit Strike Force of ten people with well-rehearsed tactics and clearly defined role for each member than be one of 128 goons lost in chaos. In all fairness, MAG does have a pretty neat leadership system that is meant to keep things organized and militaristic, even in PUG's, but that just didn't seem to be the case when I played.
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Yes I agree Bonds It was a bit messy but I am hoping when released after a while all the CS fan boys will move on and the more tactical minded people will stay and the game should go up a notch or two. But in that, if TOG members want to create a clan of its own, I am in But the appeal of a full scale battle of asssault or defence is still appealing to me.
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Doesn't look like there is a lot of TOG interest in MAG? I'm on S.V.E.R, and looking to get into a TOG clan, but I might have to look around for another if nobody is playing.
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I got it, MAG Looks like a modern version Planetside... Not Bad, I will play till I get bored. Mostly on the Weekends Nights and when I wake up. Add Me please. Handle is Vlaudanum. What Faction are You all?
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I'm interested but like others I am going to wait and see. Although the potential is there for some great strategic battles, but well wait and see how it plays out.

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its on my list
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Mag is a game you buy for the gameplay and i must say it is there.
Fighting with 256 people is a blast, there is so much shit going on everywhere you look you see something blow up.
The sound is all around you ist a never ending machinegun fire,jets flying, artillery incoming,rockets going off,bombs going off and mines exploding
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