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Default Mass Efect 2 - gameplay

I noticed a few people playing. I just got it yesterday. - got through the first 2 missions - fantastic. Just the change of pace i needed...

I am interested how others play, what class you chose etc?

I am a soldier class and carried over my same looks from ME1 (was going to change, but was happy with original)
In coversation I investigate most options and mix it up between initidation or nice guy...So far I have been attempting eto crack very safe etc...Was tempted to wear bright pink armour but went dark with green glows...

Also - Do you have the online feedback switched on or off?
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This is a fantastic game. I have only had time to get the first couple of companions, but that is cool as I don't want to rush this one. I want to savour it.

But to give you an example of how good it is ... two nights ago I logged on and 17 people on my friends list were on at the same time. Every single one of them was playing Mass Effect 2!. I have never seen that before, not even with MW or MW2

Oh and Paragon Soldier here

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I've been playing a Vanguard, fun class for lower difficulties but not so great for the higher ones. Charge is brilliant fun though

I usually start playing Paragon until it's up to about 75% (which I think is all you need for all good dialog options) as it's essential later in the game if you want to keep all your crew alive. Then I go Renegade, for the rest of the game generally.

Next playthrough I'll do on insanity either as an Infiltrator or a Sentinel, they're supposed to be the best at that difficulty.
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I imported my "Mary Jane" from ME1

She's a Paragon biotic.

Found the game relatively easy. Die a few times, but that was mainly my fault (mostly because of trying to get the brawler achievement )

I like the changes, how they streamlined it, and I'm thinking of having another play through - something I rarely do with games. Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Dragon Age are the only games in recent memory where I've done that.

But at the same time felt a little let down by the game's plot. The story was excellent, if a little predictable, and deeper developed than the movie Avatar, but on the otherhand I felt as the reviewer from Kotaku said; it felt like everything was gearing up for ME3.
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My only "negative" at this stage is that your party members are not real smart when it comes to cover. I have ordered them to get behind something so they do .... but on the wrong side

And here was me thinking the giant mech with the rocket launcher would be the "clue" as to which side of the cover they should be on That and where I put the way point marker!

Only a small gripe though.
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