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Question HALO?

Ok, this has confused me for sometime now ...

Where are all the HALO players?

As HALO 3 (and now ODST) has been consistently on the top of the "most played on XBL" list since it's release, the fact that there has never been a request for a TOG HALO group or clan has been very surprising.

So where are all the budding Master Chief's and ODST's?
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I used to love playing Halo 2 online... Just never got into Halo 3. Would happily have some ToG matches if anyone is keen
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I liked the first game but hated the second one and thus i have not even bothered to play the 3rd its still sitting in its plastic cover.

That being said its an FPS on a console so i am never going to play it online
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I play it but not very much as my life span is short by the hands of 14 year olds. But it is good fun now and then. I think if TOG members want to play it they should post on the site or PM thoughs who may be interestd in a party night. Eg pick a good night, get the numbers meet up in a party and have some fun. Easy as that Well I think it could be done like that.

Here is a list of all my Multi Player xbox games.
Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST ( Yes I love the Game)
Battle Field 2 Modern Combat
Battle Field 1943
COD Modern Warfare 2
Enemy Territor Quake Wars
Fronntline Fule of War
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
Fable 2
Forza 2
Test Drive Unlimited.

PS3 Multi Player games
Killzone 2
and Battlefield 1943

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