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Lightbulb I just figured out what was bugging me ...

Ok before I start; this is not me bagging MW2 or an attempt to start a flame war! This is just an observation

I have enjoyed my MW2 sessions (even the ones that have had major lag) but there has been something nagging at me every time I played it and I could not figure out what it is.

Well it just dawned on me ... the name of the game ... Modern Warfare.

This has to be one of the most miss leading titles to a game yet.

The game play is absolutely nothing like Modern warfare!

Modern wars are not waged like this and in almost every instance if you use modern warfare methods of fighting you will lose.

For instance ...

Most soldiers do not run around in combat zones looking for their enemy. They take cover, move with stealth, try to get tactical positions, etc.

If you do this in MW2 ... you will get smashed every round.

In real warfare, calling in a gun ship or an air strike, almost always results in your own troops "getting the hell out of the way!" They do not hang around because the bombs have a "sixth sense" about who is the enemy and who is a friendly!

Any military commander who dropped bombs on such confined areas with his allies in the same area would be court marshalled and then executed!

Don't even get me started on the high end perks ...

In reality this game should have been called Call of Duty: Advanced Rock - Paper - Scissors, or Call of Duty: Modern Reflex tester.

The only real skills for this game is fast reflexes and a knowledge of the maps.

The only real tactics for this game are "gang up on your opponents", "Take the high ground and defend it with your gang!" and "play till your eyes bleed so you can get the cool perks!"

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy playing this game (with fellow TOGers ), but I can't help feel that now that the hype has died down; this game has shown its self to be less about combat skills / tactics but more about MMO style grinding for perks and getting in to a powerful guild.

Ok, I have said my piece ... tell me I am wrong
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Pretty much what I thought from the start, which is why I didn't buy it

Never seen a modern soldier running around dual wielding hundred year old shotguns, or an entire army kitted out with riot shields and throwing knives.

Haven't enjoyed the series since CoD 2. Tried multiplayer on the newer ones a few times but it was just so ridiculous and unbalanced, and the team based modes still felt like every man for himself.

Not to mention one of the worst spawn methods ever devised. I've actually spawned right in front of an enemy, or into gunfire. Hopefully they fixed that in MW2.
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Heh got to agree with all points, not fun for me hence why i bought two copies one on PS3 and one on Xbox and played neither (well ok i played PS3 one for about 30 mins once)
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