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Question First Person Shooters - How hard is it to get it right?

When you have played some well designed FPSers with intuitive controls you start to expect that every FPS should have a "minimum" standard of controls and features.

The new AVP is not a bad game (although I have only tackled the human campaign so far) but in this instance it has a feature missing that I believe should be in every shooter ... an aim function. I think you get it later for a specific weapon, but the fact that I can't look down the sights of the pistol and assault rifle is just wrong! It has so annoyed me that it distracts me from the atmosphere in the game. Instead of me freaking out over an alien swarm, I am just angry I can't aim my gun at them.

So as the majority of us are FPS veterans of varying degrees, we could come up with the "mandatory" features required for a FPS, no matter the setting or weaponry involved.

So I will get the ball rolling.

A FPS must have the following controls / functions:

An aim function
A reload function (Yes there are FPS's without this feature)
A prone function
A sprint function
A jump function
A lean to the right or left function
A cover function

What else?
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the lean function is a must, and can not understand why todays FPS don't have it. the cover option seems to be the way things are going as it is a easier option for button mapping. i would think lean left and right requires a bit more work. and is the reason they are more likley to show up in PC FPS games. theres only so much a contoller can do
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I hate the cover systems that locks you in to cover.

Cover should be as simple as ducking down behind something, not pressing a button to activate cover and then another button press to unlock you so you can move again.

I think R6V2 has the best version of cover so far in a game.
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I think Uncharted 2 had the best cover function. Most of the time games that do have a cover system when playing seem to be more of a hinder-ans than a help.
Personally I am with PM on this one. Cover should be simple and not lock you in

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