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Pure Mongrel 25th February 2010 08:51 AM

MAG Tactics / Squad Load Outs - Discuss
Last night was a lot of fun. Finally got to hook up with a full TOG squad and it was the hardest I have laughed this year ;)

The gaming session did highlight the need for some tactics and squad friendly load outs.

So we have eights positions in a squad. What roles should we fill it with? Can we have a set squad make up that will fit in every game type?

(I call dibbs on the medic spot ;))

ozivillan 25th February 2010 10:22 AM

hope my headset turns up thing I ask is that we get a motion sensor in the group.played a game yesterday where the guy had one a and it was so helpful knowing if we were being flanked allowed for groups to give cover to others who were advancing on the objective a real useful tool. going to respec level 14 so any help on what load out I should be looking at would be appreciated

Cadder 25th February 2010 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel (Post 2707657)
Last night was a lot of fun. Finally got to hook up with a full TOG squad and it was the hardest I have laughed this year ;)

I don't think I've ever been in a game (any game) where it's been a full TOG squad before. That was excellent.

As for positions, I intend building on my sniper loadout, but I also have a bent for field engineering - by virtue of the fact that I can't shoot for shit while on the run. So as long as my teammates can keep the bastards off my back, I'll be using my respec points for repair, electronics and things that go boom.

Originally Posted by ozivillan (Post 2707763)
one thing I ask is that we get a motion sensor in the group.

@Ozi: So that includes a Motion Sensor.

Oh, for a Warhawk-style magnetic mine...

Mako 25th February 2010 12:53 PM

Sorry I kept dropping out lads, my internet qouta (mere 10gb) has been filled till Sunday and im with iinet so no adding data blocks on top i dont think? Have increased the limit to 50gig for March though so that should sort it out ;) Takes a while to sort the new housemates out tech wise when you move into a new place.

May be around sometime Sunday for a game if not defo next week in the evening. Im happy to fill any position thats needed, I would suggest having at least the one sniper to backup the team from a far. Two medics in a 8 man absolute minimum.

Chief 25th February 2010 01:11 PM

I kept getting dropped too, no idea why though. Tried restarting router/modem but that did nothing. Just bad luck I guess.

FunkyJ 25th February 2010 02:58 PM

I'm loading out heavy / support.

Will grab a headset this weekend I reckon

jonny2combz 25th February 2010 04:17 PM

Ile go assault!! Gren and Med fit out Im crap at any but I will work on that one to get well less crappier ;-) Good Game last night, but I think we should stay clear of big maps or matches ATM so we can concentrate on some strategy techniques. So I am happy with just getting on and have some fun :-) and work things out as we go. Looking forward to the next one..
Oh guys who are dropping out, have you DMZ your PS3 in your port forwarding options of your router? I did and it worked like a charm I tried the recommended setting but I kept dropping out. As soon as I DMZ it, no problems since. Dont ask me how but It works:-)

Pure Mongrel 25th February 2010 04:26 PM

DMZ is a good idea. I did it to my PS3 and it worked a charm as well (I think A_1 gave me the idea to do it).

Tactics sound like a great idea. Some of those maps last night I had never seen and I was lost.

Maybe we should start on the entry level modes, master them (tactics wise) and that will put us in good stead for the later modes.

This may bore some of the more experienced guys for a little while, but in the long run I think it will do wonders for our win / loss ratio.

Chief 25th February 2010 04:26 PM

Yeah, mine is in DMZ, thing is it wasn't PSN disconnecting either, it was just MAG. If it were PSN I'd figure router issues but since it's only MAG that's having problems it seems more like an issue with the game or their servers.

BoOchi777 25th February 2010 05:16 PM

My build that I am working into right now is based around the infiltrator concept.

Which includes all of electronics and improved stealth in the Athletics tree.

The sensor jammer covers the whole squad if we are in range of each other,but does not cover what improved stealth does.Motion sensor will more than likely be used for both offence and defense.

Silencers are a huge help as well.At least one load out with smoke helps too,which I admit there are times where I use it as a distraction and go to the opposite side of where I throw it.

This build is more offence as for defense,repair LMG with reflex site and a rocket launcher.Granted I have a silenced battle rifle build as well for defense for when we get swarmed by those nasty cockroach attacks.

This here is only my opinion,I really think that all of us should at least have 4 points in support so that every one can rez.In a steady push forward if one man is left standing a chain rez can start,raise a person,that person raises the next etc.

A huge thing I notice on Raven in general is that they do not just push forward and sit back and try to pick off targets at range when hitting an objective.The problem this causes is that it gives the other team time to rez or respawn and get right back in battle.Other problem is this also takes multiple squads hitting the same target,which again as I stated last night the chain of command and there unwillingness to communicate with one another does not help in the least.

I admit I laughed so hard that I was crying last night when I called out for help in the platoon channel and was only greeted with an interesting little ditty instead......

Yet that about sums up what happens within that channel,There is no communication hence why we get slaughtered.

Now to cross my fingers for some more numbers to make up a second squad.Moose by the way made a comment this morning about hitting the website to sign up.

SVER uses mics and it is pretty much the norm.There are other balance issues I admit that tend to keep them on top,but the biggest is they talk to each other.

As for practice of tactics,yeah I admit it I hate sabotage,but you are right it will hone our abilities as far as working as a squad and give us time to get used to each others play styles.

I do see that some real squad tactics used in the armed forces could honestly work here,but that is a whole other story and I am just sort of throwing that out to see what others think.

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