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Pure Mongrel 25th February 2010 04:18 PM

BF-BC II delayed ... PS3 only!
I was in Game today picking up my copy of Heavy Rain and the shop attendant asked me if I had pre-ordered BF BC2.

When I responded "yes", he asked on what platform?

When I replied "PS3" his face went sombre as he went on to explain that I would have to wait another week for my game. (released the 11th now I think)

He then proceeded to spout on some theory about how MS must have paid extra money for the delay and ... (by this stage my eyes had glazed over)

Actually he seemed quite hurt be my response of "Oh well .. more MAG time then! :D"

I don't think I was responding to his pain in the way he wanted me too. ;)

Bawheidbob 26th February 2010 03:49 AM

Never saw any more news on this myself yet - ill have to have a hunt around

Dragonhammer 28th February 2010 04:34 AM

In the Netherlands its still 4-3-2010.

Mecha-Wombat 28th February 2010 04:42 AM

Pure that is awesome you found a TROLL in the flesh:D

you showed him though
I no longer buy form bricks and mortar as the guys behind the counter just are a bit :w IMO

when I last brought a game (FFOW)

The guy was like wow your old why would you want to play this, dont you like, do stuff and like stuff?

but a delay til 11th Wow

I dont think it is a conspiracy though probably more a coding issue but servers are going to be slammed come time to play on all formats

this is the game of 2010 IMHO

Pure Mongrel 28th February 2010 12:21 PM

I don't think it is a conspiracy either. If MS pays for something they love to advertise that fact that it is "only on XBOX"!

I have started to purchase more online myself as I too am getting tired of being spoken to in store like I am too old to play games. Someone should really remind these companies what the actual demographic of game players are. Our age group makes up the lion share!

I have big hopes for BF BC 2, but it is going to have to be something very special to drag me off MAG.

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